Senior Business Banker – Treasury Management
If you’re in the Lincoln area, Tam looks forward to building a business relationship with you.

Tam is passionate about serving her clients, and she thrives on building relationships and strengthening existing ones. To Tam, time spent with her business customers is time well spent, as it’s an investment in their success. She enjoys seeing their businesses grow and helping with their needs along the way.

Tam’s customer service experience is put to good use as a Business Banker, where she pairs her commercial customers with the services they need to succeed. Tam truly appreciates the relationships she has built with her customers and takes pride in being someone they trust with their banking needs. Nothing makes her happier than customer referrals, because that means her clients are happy and want other business leaders they know to have the same experience.

Tam is committed to offering relationship-based banking and personalized service to all her customers, and she’ll bring that level of commitment to your business needs, too.