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Bright Lights classrooms are active places that encourage exploration, creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence, and problem solving. With diverse options and curriculum, students can pursue fields of interest with others who share that same curiosity and enthusiasm. Camps consist of a wide variety of topics and incorporate STEAM-based activities or curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) including literature, social studies, and outdoor education classes. Our goal is to increase students' interest and engagement in STEAM through innovative and creative camp programs, connecting students and inspiring them to transform the world. Through our summer program, teachers help foster skills development, an understanding of the importance of STEAM to solve the world's major problems, as well as preparing an emerging workforce for the changing economy and sparking interests in future careers. 

The power of Bright Lights Summer Learning Adventures is in providing five weeks of active learning that occurs on many levels. Students who participate in high-quality expanded learning opportunities such as Bright Lights have been shown to demonstrate growth in building specific interests and self-esteem, building social skills, building outdoor and physical health skills, building future leaders, and building inclusion. At Bright Lights, students learn, imagine, and grow. 

As half our annual income derives from donations, we depend on generous organizations and foundations to help us ensure we continue to grow, meet students where they are at, provide the latest technology and supplies, rent classroom space and pay teachers for over 110 camps and 1,200 students each and every summer. Money from UBT would ensure we can continue to provide these services to students in Lincoln for another 35 years... or more! Generations of students have come through our doors and we are so excited to see their passions develop, grow and push them into new and exciting fields. Bright Lights also wants to see our community impact expand by offering transportation and additional scholarship and resources to families who may not otherwise be able to attend camps. Making our camps more accessible to everyone in Lincoln will only make our community stronger.

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