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Think back to a carefree time when everything you did was a new adventure, a problem to be solved, a time of peace, and a beloved memory. While reminiscing, were you outside? Did you feel the wind in your hair and the grass between your toes? A time when you had to return home when the light streets came on, or it became dark? Did it take you back to a time of innocence? 

Now, picture an area with logs to aid in learning how to balance or hop from place to place and has turned into a pirate ship traveling the great ocean waves.

A large scale hanging next to a mud kitchen; a chef needs to know which weighs more, a handful of pebbles or several large pinecones?
A sensory path to run your bare skin over to feel the different textures Earth can create.
An area to be loud and make music. 
A space where dinosaurs are taking over the city. 
A landscape where the artist creates a masterpiece.
A place to feel safe and free to explore through nature.
At Willard Community Center, we are dedicated to making a stronger and more inclusive community. As one of the three unique and distinct human service federations in this large southwest Lincoln neighborhood, we feel it is our duty to provide opportunities for children, youth, adults, and senior citizens. Our project is to create an outdoor nature exploration space, named 'Union Bank's Outdoor Kidscape'; to which the public has access; to promote learning, nature discovery, human connection, creativity, intentional play, problem-solving skills, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. The opportunities are countless for children of all ages, backgrounds, and learning stages when nature is their tool.

On any given night, you can go to Schroder park next to Willard and see the dozens of children and families spending their time outdoors. Additional space lends a hand in promoting the importance of nature-based play. It assists parents in giving their children a chance to live a healthy, happy, successful childhood. It may allow them to imagine what it would be like to be a building architect, a chef, a teacher, a racecar driver, or a geologist. This imaginary play could very well lead them into an exciting "real-life" career in their future.

The proposal's target population has no boundaries. We wish for any community member to have access to this project.

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