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All Signs Point to e-Statements

Jim Smith,

June 26, 2013

Building Your Business


Perhaps you’ve seen the signs without thinking of the solution…

The US Postal Service is struggling with financial issues that threaten its ability to deliver on weekends and drive up the cost of postage. You’ve heard of mail theft, stolen by fraudsters to collect your business or personal information that can lead to the use of your identity by others — maybe even sold to the highest bidder internationally through an unscrupulous website. These are the signs of a growing problem, but what is the solution to protecting your account information of all types?

Utilizing e-Statements through Business Banking Online is the safest route to your bank account information.  e-Statements (electronic statements) eliminate the threat of identity theft from your mailbox and paper files, and provides 18 months of statements at your fingertips. You’ll receive your electronic statements before paper statements are even mailed-within one day of their production. The statement can be printed or saved to your computer’s hard drive or network storage, making it easy to share a statement with an auditor or staff member.  You’ll receive email notification from us each month on the day your statement is available. No more waiting by a physical mail box for “snail mail”, or saving boxes of paper copies. Now you can gain access to your account information securely whenever it conventient for you…and it can save valuable resources.

If you are still receiving paper statements and are ready to make the switch to e-Statements, click here to access the authorization form.

Business Banking Online (BBO) gives you control over your banking relationship from anywhere you can access the Internet. View the BBO demo.

What you can do:

  • See a consolidated picture of your accounts-checking, lines of credit, loans and more.
  • Monitor account activity and access 18 months of transaction history
  • Check account balances, transfer funds between Union Bank accounts
  • Make a full range of payments with Business BillPay
  • View, print and download account statements and check images
  • Access detailed information and images of deposits
  • Export deposit account information to Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money or Excel. Reduce key-entry time and potential errors
  • Monitor your accounts to quickly detect suspicious activity
  • Access Lockbox and other reports
  • Settle Positive Pay exception items

Regular monitoring of your account through our secure connection is also the fastest, most effective way to protect you accounts. Do you know which transactions must be returned immediately and which provide longer timelines? Notify the bank immediately if you see a suspicious transaction.

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