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Deposit and Investment HSAs: What’s the difference?

With health care costs consistently on the rise, and the uncertainty of the health care environment, it’s more important than ever to adequately save for health care costs and retirement.

Life Insurance as Part of Your Estate Plan

If you own life insurance policies at your death, the proceeds will be included in your taxable estate. If estate taxes are a concern, the way around this problem is not to own the policies when...

May 2019 Market Recap

Solid economic data continued to prevail in May with employment, manufacturing, and inflation numbers all pointing to strength and expansion. Labor market strength remains, as jobless rates were lower

Leave Your Mark With a Dynasty Trust

If a prime objective of your estate plan is to leave a lasting legacy, a dynasty trust may be right for you and your family...

Beware Leaving Specific Assets to Specific Heirs

Planning your estate around specific assets is risky and, in most cases, should be avoided. If you leave specific assets to specific people, you could inadvertently disinherit them...

Make Health Care Decisions While You're Healthy

Estate planning isn’t just about what happens to your assets after you die. It’s also about protecting yourself and your loved ones, like having a plan for making critical medical decisions...

Review Older Estate Plans for Formula Funding Clause

The gift and estate tax exemption is higher than it’s ever been, so older plans that may have a "Formula Funding Clause" should be reviewed for needed updates. Here's a closer look...

April 2019 Market Recap

The US economy surprisingly surged in the first quarter, largely dispelling fears that market volatility and the prolonged government shutdown would cause a recession. US 1Q GDP grew at a 3.2% pace...

Estate Planning for Single Parents

The percentage of US children living with an unmarried parent has risen from 13% in 1968 to 32% in 2017. As a single parent, certain aspects of your estate plan should be examined.