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Jim Smith,

June 27, 2013

Building Your Business


A faster, easier way to process Accounts Receiveables.

Lockbox, also known as Remittance Processing, allows you to put your resources to better use by employing a more efficient system to receive and deposit customer payments.

Lockbox lets you reduce or eliminate:

  • Payment postings
  • Bank deposit preparation
  • Daily trips to the post office and the bank
  • Potential for theft, fraud, and error

Best of all, with same-day processing your money goes to work for you sooner!

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Stuart Shepherd, Nebraska 4-H Foundation, asked me to ask you how to get started with the lockbox deal.

Sinda Dux
Administrative Support Associate
Nebraska 4-H Foundation

Hi Sinda,
Someone will be in touch shortly to help you get started.


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