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Counterfeit Check Scam

Heather Kadavy,

July 01, 2013

Managing Your Money


If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, you MAY have been the victim of a counterfeit scam, which is targeting Internet and Chat Room participants.

If any of the following are true, please contact your bank immediately to ensure that you do not fall victim to a foreign counterfeit scam and lose money.

  • Have you recently been contacted via email, Internet chat rooms regarding the purchase of an item you have for sale on the Internet such as a boat, car, jewelry, etc?
  • Have you recently been contacted by someone who wants to make an investment into a business you want to establish?
  • Have you recently been contacted about winning a lottery that you did not enter?
  • Did you receive a check within 24-48 hours from a person or entity other than the person or entity that indicated they were within your conversations?
  • Did the check arrive with a Canadian or non-U.S. postal mark?
  • Is the amount of the check more than the selling price of the item?
  • Have you been asked to assist in the distribution of money from another country?
  • Have you been instructed to wire funds out of the country as soon as possible due to a change in the original agreement?

Know who you are doing business with. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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I received a check in the amount of 2,999.40, check # 0046752. Check written by Madison Risk & Insurance Services. Is it real? I do not know Madison or why they sent me a check.

Hi Jim, thanks for posting here, and for being alert. A UBT Customer Support team member will be contacting you shortly.

I received a check also from the same company in the same amount by the same company check number 46623 looks real but sure is a scam.

I received a cashier's check in the amount of 5040.00 from Union bank . From a Tamika Johnson through priority mail today. I figured it was a fake or fraud. What should I do with it

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment. Someone on our Customer Support Team will be reaching out to you soon.

I received an " Official Check " from Union Bank ; Marksville, Lousiana for $2,872.44. The remitter is Daniel Webb, signature is Jeanette Brown. It was issued by Moneygram Payment Systems.

Hi Constance, thanks for posting. Please check with Union Bank in Marksville (we're in Nebraska) about the check.

Received a check from someone in Arizona trying to buy my motorcycle in nyc. Doesnt have a name on it besides group insurance trust and signature is not legible. Check number is 31765 and its for double the amouny asked for my bike the other half is suppose to go to a "delivery service"

I received a cashier's check from your institution. Check # 1685515 Amt: $2,850.

Check security features, heat sensitive shield, scratch off verification number, etc.

Remitter: Maggie J Thompson

MICR encoding: 1685515 104910795 2100300100 500

I received a cashiers check of $1,750 to be a Wal-Mart secret shopper. Seems like a scam but I'm not sure

Andrea, thanks for posting. Our Customer Support Team is reaching out to you directly via email.

Christopher, if you'd like more help in determining the legitimacy of your inquiry, please contact our Customer Support team at 800-297-2837 or 402-323-1777. Thank you!

Received a UBT cashiers check today for $2850 to be a secret shopper from a company called Creative Image Associates. Definately a scam. Remitter Maggie J Thompson.

Hi Adam, you are correct, this is a scam. Anything with a remitter of Maggie J Thompson is part of this scam. Thank you for reading and posting.

I received a check from your bank dated 10/25/2017 $2850.00 remitter Maggie J Thompson. Figured it was a scam as I wasn't expecting any money from anyone.

I also Received (2) two UBT (alleged) "Cashiers Check's" last Friday in the USPS for $2,850, (each) w/ a Return Adress from "Tyson Food's" in AK. Apparently from a company called Creative Image Associates, but I don't know that for certain, as the "Check Stub" was removed and NO Correspondence came with either "Check"...?!? We "assumed" some kind of Scam, but looked up your Bank Online, etc. Funny thing is: BOTH "Checks" cam EXACTLY alike, w/ the same Return Address, the SAME Check No., along w/ the SAME U.S.P.S. Tracking No too...?!? Wild, right! Anyway, I got a text and an email this am from a "Mark Seawells" Claiming to be "the Party" that sent me "a Check" through the U.S.P.S. and "...why hadn't I contacted him yet?" etc...?!? His # is: 1 (818) 875-1755?!? Anyway, none of the Security Features actually "work" on these FAKE ""Cashiers Check's" So, Yes, definitely a Scam. And on mine, the "Remitter" is a "Maggie J Thompson" also... So, do we Notify the FBI, or what...?!? (I was going to go to a local Bank and have them "Verify" that they were Fakes, but I was able to determine that out for myself, after a while...)

Had the same checks for 2850.00 they come from Tyson foods, Maggie Thompson, and also a mike call me telling me I was a secret shopper, and I should cash the checks and then go buy gift cards and send him pics of the cards, and I could keep $400 and send him $2500 in girt cards, from what there telling me, the checks will post on your account, in a day or so, and then you send him the money on the gift cards, but in a week or 2 when the banks figure out that the checks were fraud your left on the hook because the bank takes that money back out of your account and you had already sent him the gift card info, I believe it’s a scam from what I figure but would like to know who to contact to report this or give them Info so this guy can get caught

I recently was sent a check to purchase my motor cycle and the check it was for 3 times what I was asking for the motorcycle I'm starting to think it's a scam lol

Hi there today checking my mail I received a cashiers check in the amount of 2,950.00 in a priority mail USPS it's from Union Bank of California NA it has my name on and also shows Remitter name:Diana Glick.
In the bck of the check it has a Do Not Write or Sign or Stamp Below this line, in the bck it has some Docu Gard 13 Security Features. The person that sent it is someone by the name of Brian Walterest Met Life Co Sacramento CA is this true check or a scam. Thanks what can I Do? Who can I contact.

Hi Ingrid, thanks for reading and commenting. Someone on our Customer Support Team will be reaching out to you soon.

Hi Ingrid, we just noticed that your message refers to Union Bank of California. You could follow up with them, but your situation is likely a scam.

Vincent, your situation is also very likely a scam, you don't need to take any action.

Ingrid I had the exact
Same check except the amount was for $1980. I was stupid and deposited it. It actually cleared and went into my account. Thankfully I’m not that stupid didn’t touch the money and sure enough the money came out of my account earlier today. Still have the priority 2 day mail. Should I contact my bank?

Received cashiers check in response to a Craigslist posting for a $200 chair. The buyer didn’t look at it and said they were sending a check for over the amount. I am to use the money to pay the shipping company that picks it up and a little extra for me. Check is for $1,720 and made out to someone other than me. Return address on Priority Mail label is Brian Walterest, Tiffany Co. 727 Fifth Ave., Sacramento, CA. I text a response even before I received it that it would be shredded upon receipt and I sent a photo that it was. What a scam.

I received a check in the mail also and i would like to find out if it's real or not

Hello... Daniel Here .. Had A Item Listed On Craig's List Last Week , A Woman E-Mails Me Says She wants It And Would I take It down ,Then Her Husband Starts E-Mailing Me From There On !!! , I said send Me a certified Money Order And I will !! We E-Mailed Back And Forth A Few Times Gave Him My Number And I Thought I Got His !!!! Sounded Ok ,,, A Week Later I Got A Cashier's Check Priority Mail From Eli Lilly And Company From A WALIO HEKAL I450 E. 29TH Street New York NY. I Was Selling Item For $350.00 The Check Is For $1,780.00 .... On The Same Day , TODAY I Get The Envelope With Only A Check In It ,,, Plus The MOREON Calls Me To See If I Got It Plus An E-Mail With The Tracking Number ..... I Could Not Understand What He Was Trying To Say After Saying My Name And His Name !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounded Hispanic Non The Less !!!!!!!!!!!!! This Is A Major Scam !!! Do NOT Fall For This !! 03-28-18

I got a 1950.00 check from diane glick is this a scame union bank .

Hi Kristine, from Diane or Diana Glick, yes, this is most likely a scam.

This just happened to us. We were selling a couch online, and someone sent us a check with an amount $1400 over the asking price, and we were to pay the difference to the "movers" who were going to pick up the couch, supposedly, and deliver it. After we saw the check and deposited it, we realized it was a scam. Luckily, it was before we sent the money to the movers, so we didn't lose money.

I got a check for 2900.00 from John l brown is it real

I also received a cashiers check for $2,250.00 "Union Bank" cashier's check. What should I do with it?

I was selling furniture on Craigs List and received an out of town offer via text. Eventually I smelled a fraud and texted back that i only sell locally and accept cash only. A week later they text that check is sent for furniture. What? I received a check for $1780.00 (3x what furniture cost), issued by TOPCU and it says "Official Check". Should i just trash it all? I think this scammer needs to be reported to appropriate authority. I guess they are waiting for me to deposit check and get my bank and account number since i already did give them my name and address.
Any ideas to whom i can report this fraudster to? Thank you

Hi Dona, if you'd like more help in determining the legitimacy of your inquiry, please contact our Customer Support team at 800-297-2837 or 402-323-1777. Thank you!

my brother recieved a cashiers check for 2250.00 from Union Bank MUFG Union Bank San Francisco, CA . he work daylight til dark and wanted me to find out if check was a scam any help appreciated. Thanks

I received a cashier's check from Janice Healey, what should I do ??

hi i received a check from valencia luncheria and it was a fradulent check and the person asked me to wire some money from the check i deposited into my union bank account and it showed as if the check had clear so i went on an did the wire money thru venmo and it turns out the check was fake so i lost almost two gran and i was wondering if you had any advices on how i could getr my money back.

I received a check for $1,998 from Union Bank &Trust routing 051403164 to be secret Walmart shopper I’m sure it’s a scam right?

Hello Hanna. We are forwarding this to our Customer Support Team

Received a check
Remitter: Samuel Mason
email address for
From MoneyGram asking me to deposit the check and then use the funds as a secret shopper.

*SCAM* sent check on your bank for 1998.00 for survey at walmart and money gram ........

My samuel mason and all involved burn in hell for being thiefs .......

My brother in law just received a check from Samuel mason for $1998.00 to be a secret shopper. Similar to the stories I’m reading here. We just called the bank and they could not confirm. I’m certain it’s a scam and they are changing the name as people catch on.

I just received a check for 1750.00 for a table that I was selling on Craigslist for 500.00. I was talking with a Ben Smith but the return address on the envelope is New York, the remitter on the check is Diane Click......please let me know what’s next.

Hi Amanda. Thank you for posting and being alert.
I would advise calling into our Customer Support team for further instruction...
-- 402.323.1777
-- 800.297.2837

Someone deposited a check into my account remotely for 900.00 from mufg union bank. Na. The last 4 digits of the account t is 7256. Then once it posted the money was returned. Is this a scam?

Got an e-mail from Walton family foundation of the Walmart Stores.
That I was chosen with two others to each receiving A donation of 1,000,000.00 to be deposit in Union Bank
and Personal Account Officer Mr. Paul Hanson of Union bank. I got a Donation Certificate from them that it certify
that they deposit the money in my name to your bank. The bank will contact Me.

Cell # 562 756-4866

I received a check from Union bank and trust. Remitted is Ann McCarty. Branch 766. Is this check real.

I received a cashier's check in the amount of $2000
USPS Priority Mail 3-Day
Michael Mobray
226 Mountain Brook Drive
Roanoke VA 24012-6573
Carrier comment- leave if no response
PROFED credit union
RE: Derrick Jackson
With a letter attached Walmart/Money Gram assessment:CVS
Survey Analyst/Store Evaluator for Get paid Shopper. The only contact was an email address

My first name is misspelled on the check but not with the mailing label and address.

is this a real check

I received a cashier's check for $2,550.00. REMITTER LEWIS BROWN. I don't know Lewis Brown. Is this real or is it a scam.

Thank you for posting and being alert.
I would advise calling into our Customer Support team for further instruction...
-- 402.323.1777
-- 800.297.2837

I was contacted by a place of employment about an online position. After having an online interview and hired afterwards, I was then Fed Ex'd a Union Bank & Trust cashiers check from them to cover the cost of work materials. Then they want me to deposit check and send them pictures of deposit slips. Right there is not happening, why would I give them my account number...I wouldn't. Wouldn't the cashiers check have there contact info on it? Telephone number to be exact?


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