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Investing: One Millennial's Light Bulb Moment!

Lauren Cook,

December 17, 2013

Growing Your Wealth


I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Lauren Cook, I’m a student at UNL, on track to graduate in December, which I couldn’t be happier about! My major is Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Event Planning. When each student in the HRTM program reaches their senior year, we’re required to complete a final internship. For my final internship, I happened to stumble upon an opportunity at Union Bank. I knew nothing about the bank or the fact that they have complete in-house marketing department, but they did have an Event Coordinator on staff, so I thought it would be a great learning experience! Although I have helped with many events this year, one event stood out to me in particular, an event that I never would have imagined would affect my future.

It was a rainy day in November as we began setting up for the annual RPS Forum. This was nothing new for me, as I have helped set up for previous events, but I definitely wasn’t looking forward to setting up for this one. Every item we laid out on the tables didn’t seem interesting to me, besides the chocolates J. However, while we were setting up a thought reached my mind, “what does RPS even stand for?” After thinking about it and trying to think of what RPS meant, I decided to just ask (it’s Retirement Plan Services). What ended up happening was that my one, short, five-word question turned into almost an hour-long discussion and one important decision.

After deciding this event actually had a lot of importance I began asking more questions, which turned into valuable information. The main idea I took away from everyone’s information that I was given is that I need to start saving for my retirement NOW!!!! After a brief panic attack of wondering why my parents or anyone else had never mentioned this to me before, I decided to look into this further. With the help of some of my marketing team members, I got all the details on how to set up a Betterment investment account through Union Bank. I’ve since learned that anyone can set up a Betterment investment account through UBT (even though I don’t have an account with them, shhh.) I also learned that I can use the money in this account to save for my retirement, a house, a nice vacation, a major shopping spree, whatever I want! Okay maybe not the shopping spree….

Anyways, the most important information I received is that if you start saving for retirement at a younger age, around my ripe old age of 22, then you will save thousands upon thousands more than if you started when you are older and starting to go gray at 32.

So that’s the story of how I reached where I am now. My next step is to actually go through the process of setting up an account. So here I am staring at my computer screen, about to make my next move, but I will save that story for the next post….

Union Bank & Trust offers MyStyle Investment and Simply Invest, both powered by Betterment. Click the links for details and a demo.

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