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Investing: 3 Things That Made Starting Early Easy

Lauren Cook,

January 31, 2014

Growing Your Wealth


For those of you who read my first blog, the story continues. I decided I was going to sign up for my Betterment account immediately. Why waste another day when I could start now? However, I love to procrastinate just like any other college student, and that got in the way of starting my Betterment account. A week or two passed by and FINALLY, after finishing my finals, I got it together and decided to just "do the dang thing."

At first I noticed how professional the home page was, which led to my next thought of "oh no, this is going to contain a lot of questions and then those questions will consist of what was your mother's aunt's second cousin's sister's friend's maiden name." To my surprise, after scrolling down the page, there were only six questions. Six simple questions, some consisting of what is your first, middle, and last name and others asking for your address. The questions were all so easy and it hardly took any of my spare time, definitely the first thing that made it easy.

Something else that stood out was that as I was completing the first page I accidentally clicked out of my browser. Most of the time when this happens you lose all of your information and have to start over completely. You then become mad and stressed and don't even bother to start over. However, all the information you put in, this site saves it, even before you officially have an account. It was the most refreshing feeling seeing all of my information still there even after closing out of my browser. I felt like I just won the lottery. I got lucky thanks to the format of the website!

Finally after I completed filling out all the questions it took me to "my personal page." It shows what percentage of my money goes where, and it gives options of adding more money. To add to that, you can download the Betterment app on your smartphone allowing you to check your account at any time, day or night. The best part about the whole thing is that it is free for the first thirty days, and if you aren't happy with what they are doing for you then you can say "adiós" and never see your account again. WOW, how can anyone not want something so easy that can have an effect on your future in such a positive way? I still can't believe how simple it was to build an account and that I am saving for my future without hardly doing anything. It's almost as good of a feeling as getting a 50% off coupon at your favorite store. :)


Union Bank & Trust offers MyStyle Investment and Simply Invest, both powered by Betterment. Click the links for details and a demo.

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