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Retirement Plan Sponsor Update, Q3 2019

Two hurdles are preventing adoption of MEPs. The IRS issued proposed regulations that would eliminate the “one bad apple” rule. The second hurdle involves the “Open MEP vs. Closed MEP” issue...

Why You May Want Restrictions on Charitable Gifts

If philanthropy is an important part of your estate planning legacy, consider taking steps to ensure that your donations are used to fulfill the purposes you intend.

August 2019 Market Recap

The U.S. economy continues to display strength, even as other developed nations show signs of struggle. However, as the 9/1 deadline for additional tariffs on China edged closer...

So, Your Teenager Needs a Car…Part 2

Your teen is ready to take on the open road, and hopefully our previous post on pre-shopping considerations was helpful. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when car shopping for your teen.

So, Your Teenager Needs a Car…Part 1

It’s a milestone we both look forward to and dread as parents: Your child is finally old enough to have their own car. Here's what to keep in mind when car shopping for your teen.

Switch Kit Eases the Pain of Moving Your Banking

We put together a Switch Kit to help make moving your banking as easy as possible. Use these forms and steps for updating direct deposits, automatic payments, online subscriptions, bills, and more.

July 2019 Market Recap

Lingering trade tensions with China have led to growing concern over the potential of an oncoming recession, so all eyes turned to the Federal Reserve during July and hopes for a proactive easing...

What You Should Know About Banking With UBT

When we’re meeting new customers for the first time and helping them with their accounts, we’re frequently asked these questions, so we decided to blog about it. Check it out.

What to do Following a Data Breach

Union Bank & Trust wants to help protect you and your financial information. We want to make sure that you are aware of recent data breaches including Capital One, and help inform you about...

Buy-Sell Agreement Can Help Cover Estate Taxes

If you're an owner in a closely-held business, it’s critical to have a well-designed, properly funded buy-sell agreement. Without one, an owner’s death can have a negative effect on surviving owners.