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Smarter in :90 - Church Loans

Charity Kuehn,

October 02, 2014

Community Commitment


Kate didn't even know that Church Lending Specialist was a thing; and at most banks, it isn't. My sole focus is working with churches and religious organizations. I understand that the goals and needs of a church are completely different than that of for-profit businesses. Watch the video to find out more or visit

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We are in the market for a church construction loan.

Grace and Peace,

Thank you for watching and posting, Bryant. Charity will follow up soon.

We are looking for a church worship building but have a handful of people but willing to make payments thru personal finance. Looking for 50-100 seating with payments under $1,000 monthly.

Hi Valerie, thank you for posting. We'll have a Church Financing representative follow up with you soon.

Id like to refinance my church the amount of $219,000.00 for 10 or 15yrs fixed.
what is interest rate and payment will be.
processing time and closing cost.
My church is in Lincroft NJ and 3.3acre and the current value about more than 1.5M over.
we has been there 14yrs and well established.
Please let me know asap.

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