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Smarter in :90 - Church Loans

Charity Kuehn,

October 02, 2014

Community Commitment


Kate didn't even know that Church Lending Specialist was a thing; and at most banks, it isn't. My sole focus is working with churches and religious organizations. I understand that the goals and needs of a church are completely different than that of for-profit businesses. Watch the video to find out more or visit

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We are in the market for a church construction loan.

Grace and Peace,

Thank you for watching and posting, Bryant. Charity will follow up soon.

We are looking for a church worship building but have a handful of people but willing to make payments thru personal finance. Looking for 50-100 seating with payments under $1,000 monthly.

Hi Valerie, thank you for posting. We'll have a Church Financing representative follow up with you soon.

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