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How Net Investment Income Tax Affects Your Estate Plan

It’s important to address the NIIT in your estate plan, because it can erode your earnings from interest, dividends, capital gains and other investments...

October 2019 Market Recap

A potential breakthrough in negotiations with China and the belief that the Fed easing cycle may be concluding brought stability and positive sentiment to financial markets in October.

Who Needs an Estate Plan? You Do!

Estate planning isn’t limited to only the rich and famous. Your family is likely to benefit from a comprehensive plan that divides your wealth, protects your well-being and guides your future...

How to Leave a Philanthropic Legacy

you’re charitably inclined but have concerns about maintaining income to meet your current needs. Good news: there's a trust for that. A charitable remainder trust. Let's take a look...

September 2019 Market Recap

The saga between the U.S. and China over trade disputes continued to drive market returns throughout the third quarter. Gold prices hit a six-year high in early September...

Investment Overview: 3rd Quarter 2019

The longest expansion in U.S. history continues. Second quarter GDP growth came it at 2.0%, marking an economy that continues its upward trajectory, albeit at a slower-than-optimal pace.

Education above the rest

66% of consumers rate planning for out-of-pocket costs the most challenging and stressful aspect of healthcare.* Let Health Benefit Solutions lower this stress by educating employees.

Year-end HSA reminders

With health care costs consistently on the rise, and the uncertainty of the health care environment, it’s more important than ever to adequately save for health care costs and retirement.

Know Your Retirement Plan Investment Options

Here's a comprehensive look at the type of investments available to you within your retirement plan. We'll help you choose the right mix for you.