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Private Banking Team: Meet Katie Thompson

Katie Thompson,

April 08, 2015

Growing Your Wealth, Managing Your Money


Strong Lincoln Roots
Lincoln, Nebraska is the only place I’ve lived, but if you ask my friends and family they would definitely count Chicago as my home away from home. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance from UNL. I’m also a graduate of the College of Commercial Credit and the Rotary Leadership Institute.

My Journey to UBT & Private Banking
I spent 15 years at another bank prior to joining Union Bank, including 8 years as a Commercial Lender. This helped me build a strong foundation for commercial lending and relationship management. UBT’s wonderful reputation in Lincoln with its customers, employees and the community was very attractive. After meeting with many people within the organization, it was clear that UBT puts its employees and customers first. Private Banking, in particular, has a fun, close-knit team that I was excited to join. Most of all, I enjoy working with the team to make our customers’ lives easier and help them reach their financial goals. It’s especially rewarding to act quickly and come through for my clients when they have unexpected or immediate needs. As a working mother, I’m always on the lookout for products and services that will save me time, and I love doing the same for our customers.

It’s All About Family
My husband, Ty, is the best! He definitely helps keep me grounded. We have two fantastic children: Reed, 3, and Charlotte (Charlie), who will celebrate her first birthday in April 2015! Our ability to laugh together keeps us going. Both kids are in swimming lessons — we want them to love the water and have the skills to be independent in the water at the earliest age possible. Golf is also a big family interest. Reed has been swinging a club since he could stand and got his first full set of real clubs from Santa last year. We’re hoping to get him out to Ager Golf Course this summer!

Dancing, Singing, Make-Up, and…Guacamole?
I love to dance. Nothing structured, just turn up the music and boogie! I grab a kid or two, throw them on my hip, and have a dance party in the living room. Reed is starting to really get into it. But, I’m horrible at singing. That’s OK, I know it, and I own it, and I usually use it as a tool to embarrass people on their birthdays. So watch out, I may be calling you to serenade you on your big day! I’m great at doing make-up, and have been trusted by many brides, Mothers of the brides, and countless bridesmaids. I also make an awesome guacamole. It was inspired by a well-known restaurant chain, but I’ve changed it up and made it my own (the secret is in the citrus and cilantro), and it’s delicious!

A Funny Moment
I got stuck in the laundry chute of my childhood home when I was 5. I’d had a dream the night before that it was going to be this super-fun slide that twisted and turned all throughout the house. It definitely was not and I gave my Mom a good scare!

The Importance of Giving
Giving back to the community is one of my core values, and it’s strongly supported by Union Bank. I give because I know it will make a difference in someone’s life. Although my family never struggled, I grew up in a lower-income Lincoln neighborhood where I witnessed the difficult times of my neighbors and classmates. I also had a wonderful experience when my Dad volunteered our family at Matt Talbot Kitchen. Serving food to people without homes and others struggling to make ends meet really put life into perspective, even as a kid. I hope to pass down my passion for philanthropy to my children and have it be part of my legacy.

Life is Precious & Short
My Mom passed away at the age of 36. She was a person that people gravitated to, and loved being around. I try to follow in her footsteps, live life to the fullest each day, and have very few regrets.

If you need any help with your banking (or your guacamole), you can reach me by email or give me a call at 402.323.1937.

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