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Private Banking Team: Meet Tony Miller

Tony Miller,

June 02, 2015

Growing Your Wealth, Managing Your Money


I like to keep things light-hearted and fun. After all, positive attitudes are contagious and when we’re happier, we enjoy life more and leave a positive impact on those around us. That’s why I moved back to Lincoln — I’m simply happy here. I’m blessed with an amazing wife, a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter and Lincoln is a perfect place to raise a family, build trusting relationships, and give back.

Here at Union Bank, I love my job, and very much value my client relationships. All banks offer pretty much the same things, but what’s unique about Union Bank is how we do it with service, flexibility, and responsiveness. I came to UBT from a large national bank, and the difference in doing things for the betterment of our customers is night and day.

Random Thoughts
When I was a kid, my Dad got me involved with golf at a young age and I’m very thankful for that. I’ve just started introducing the game to my son and he loves it, which to me is pretty cool. I have a huge passion for the game and it has taught me a lot of valuable lessons and given me the opportunity to form many lasting relationships.

If you need any help with your financial or lending needs (or want to visit during a round of golf), you can reach me by email or give me a call at 402.323.1328.

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