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Key Ages On Your Path to Retirement

As life's events pass and we find ourselves approaching the midpoint or later stages of our career, there are key ages to remember on our path to retirement. Let's take a look.

House Passes SECURE Act; DOL Releases Regulatory Agenda

The House of Representatives passed the SECURE Act by a vote of 417-3, showing bipartisan support for meaningful retirement reform. Significant changes the Act would make are highlighted here...

Investment Overview: 2nd Quarter 2019

The month of April followed through on momentum experienced Q1 2019 as strong reports, including a surprisingly robust 3.2% GDP growth number, had markets feeling like the spring weather...

June 2019 Market Recap

The US economy continued to show strength throughout the month of June. Still, uncertainty about trade policies and Federal Reserve interest rate policy dominated the minds of investors...

4 Negative Outcomes of Joint Property Ownership

A common estate planning mistake that people make is to own property jointly with an adult child or other family member. Here are 4 possible negative consequences...

A Divorce Should Include an Estate Plan Review

If you’re divorcing or recently divorced, it’s important to review your estate plan quickly, for two reasons. First, you may wish to revise your plan immediately to prevent your spouse from...

Deposit and Investment HSAs: What’s the difference?

With health care costs consistently on the rise, and the uncertainty of the health care environment, it’s more important than ever to adequately save for health care costs and retirement.

Life Insurance as Part of Your Estate Plan

If you own life insurance policies at your death, the proceeds will be included in your taxable estate. If estate taxes are a concern, the way around this problem is not to own the policies when...

May 2019 Market Recap

Solid economic data continued to prevail in May with employment, manufacturing, and inflation numbers all pointing to strength and expansion. Labor market strength remains, as jobless rates were lower