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Why I am Never Ordering Checks Again

Kate Stous,

December 06, 2016

Managing Your Money


Checks have been on the decline ever since I opened my first bank account in 2003 when I was 15 years old (ordering four boxes of Disney Princess castle checks was a decision that would haunt me well into adulthood). Retailers slowly stopped accepting checks as debit cards became more popular.

Today, there are even fewer reasons to use checks. To pay your bills, you can load all of your billers into BillPay within UBTgo Online Banking. Whether your biller accepts electronic payments or only accepts paper checks, you can use BillPay to schedule the payment. If the biller only accepts checks, the system generates and mails a paper check on your behalf. Yet another way I have cut down on my use of checks.

When it comes to paying friends back for things like concert tickets or splitting costs on a trip, checks had been pretty handy. It was easier than going to an ATM and figuring out change, but checks make whoever I was paying responsible for doing some work. I don’t know if you’ve ever had someone hold onto a check for four or five weeks, but it can be a big shock once they do deposit it if you forgot about writing it.

I’ve since discovered Popmoney. It allows me to send money to most anyone without either of us having to go anywhere. If you know the person’s account and routing number, you can send money directly to their account without any further action from them (a helpful tip for sending money to the technologically challenged). If you don’t have that info, there’s also options to send money to a mobile phone number or an email address. If the recipient isn’t signed up with Popmoney, they will just have to accept the payment by using the Guest Deposit feature or they can enroll.

Both Popmoney and BillPay are within UBTgo Online Banking, which means you don’t need another login to use them, plus it’s secure. There are some features available in the UBTgo Mobile App too. To get started for the first time, log into Online Banking from a desktop and click on the BillPay tab at the top. Enter the required information and accept the Terms and Conditions. From there, you can start adding billers and scheduling payments, set up your Popmoney Preferences, verify the phone number and email addresses you might have money sent to and add friends and family as contacts. I also recommend enabling automatic deposit (found in your Popmoney Preferences). If money gets sent to one of your verified emails or phone number and automatic deposit is enabled, it will go directly into your account.

You soon might find that you don’t have a need for checks, either!

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Love making deposits from UBT mobile app 24/7. Pop money so easy and convenient to use,

Thanks for posting, Cheryl, and be on the lookout for more UBTgo enhancements in 2017!

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