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Private Banking: Meet Jena Palmer

Jena Palmer,

April 17, 2017

Growing Your Wealth

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When I grow up

My passion for working was instilled within me at a young age. I set up lemonade stands every weekend to refresh the neighbors in the summer heat. I was a diligent Girl Scout cookie seller and I held my first job at a movie theatre downtown at age 15. Overall, I love staying busy and interacting with a variety of people on a daily basis. I find that every day is different and I’m constantly growing as a person from helping others.

Caring about the Customer

I started at Union Bank in 2014 as a Teller at the Pioneers branch. Working behind the teller line exposed me to a wide range of customers and questions, as well as a great view of how Private Banking conducts business. I saw how they worked with each customer, had the resources to meet their specific needs, and how the bank’s services could make an impact on the customer’s life – even though everyone’s situation is different.

I’ve always loved working with people, and developing positive relationships is something I value in a career. Working in Private Banking allows me to tap into my creative side to solve problems for customers and learn something new about banking with every unique situation. I’m currently a student at UNL studying Business and plan to graduate in December of 2018. While in school, I enjoy taking ideas from what I study and applying it to my work on the Private Banking Team.

Those that matter most

My dad took on the single parenting role when my brother and I were young, and I’ve always had a lot of respect for him for being a positive influence. A few years ago, my dad called me while he was experiencing a stroke, and seeing him overcome such an obstacle opened my eyes to how strong he is. He has since survived four strokes, but continues to work hard to maintain his independence. Being a distant caregiver to my dad has given me a new perspective on being responsible for people other than myself, and being patient with everyone I meet. My dad currently volunteers as a stroke advocate for patients recovering from strokes and brain injuries at Bryan Hospital. Stroke awareness is something I have developed a passion for, as well as recognizing that not all disabilities are visible to everyone around.

Outdoors Girl

Growing up in Lincoln, I’ve learned to embrace all four seasons and enjoy being outdoors at any temperature. In my free time away from work and school, I’m likely out riding bikes, fishing, camping or hiking with my boyfriend, Aaron. This winter I started taking ice fishing seriously and instantly fell in love with it. Sitting out on the ice waiting for the next catch is both peaceful and exciting. I even out-fished the guys one day and brought home a 14-inch crappie from a nearby lake!

Another hobby of mine is being out in the garden tending to the plants and vegetables. It’s an amazing feeling to watch planted seeds sprout into food we bring to the table, and it’s a dream of mine to someday have a vegetable garden year-round. Spending my days in nature and experiencing the beauty of the world is very rewarding, and allows me to appreciate all that I have in life.

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