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Recap of Clue: The Musical

Kelly Robare,

May 10, 2017

Retiring Your Way


“So now you play our little game of murder. You try your best and play the game to win. No matter if you land on top or bottom, you’ve played it. And now it’s time to play the game again.” – “The Game”

On Sunday, March 25, 2017, nearly 40 FAIR Travelers set out for beautiful Bellevue, Nebraska to see a production of Clue: The Musical at Bellevue Little Theatre.

It was a fine day for traveling, with clear skies and little wind. We sailed smoothly down the interstate with Roger Cronk, our highly skilled Arrow Stagelines driver, at the helm. We started out with a joke or two and, to pass the time on the road, we played “Who’s Older than Dirt”, a 50’s-era trivia game.  Of course, no one on board really was older than dirt, or even close to it, we just have a group that is well-versed in events and popular culture of that era! Two travelers got a nearly perfect score, winning some nice prizes, and a lot of ribbing from their fellow passengers.

The performance itself was quite charming. Remember the board game “Clue”? Well, this production featured all the same characters, in addition to some fun sets and catchy musical numbers. Volunteers from the audience drew cards at the onset of the production, determining the murderer, murder weapon and room in which the deed took place. These cards were kept secret from the audience, which meant we had to stay on our toes, follow the narrator’s clues to try and solve the murder. It also meant that the cast had to learn several combinations of outcomes and be ready for any number of possible endings! The ensemble was comprised of area actors who gave a spirited and dedicated performance — in fact, dedicated seems to be the appropriate word to describe all those affiliated with this quaint little theatre. Our group is anxious to return.  

After the show, we trekked down the street to Luigi’s, where they were waiting to open the doors just for our hungry little mob. We enjoyed such incredible entrees as Pancetta Salmon, Veal Marsala, Chicken Picatta and the Tour of Italy (Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna, and Fettucine Alfredo). Dessert was homemade cannoli, little edible works of art.

We returned, full and festive, to our coach, to make our way back to Lincoln. Our party wasn’t over yet; the ride home was filled with more jokes and stories, and of course, a drawing for door prizes. Several lucky voyagers took home prizes ranging from puzzle books to gift cards to bank merchandise. One generous lady gave her prize away as she has been quite lucky on these trips and wanted to share the love!

We returned to the Calvert parking lot safe and sound, still abuzz from the day’s events. We hope next time you can join us.

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