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Preparation: The Key to Traveling with Peace of Mind

May 22, 2017


Seeing new places both near and far can help you feel refreshed and renewed. Traveling is an exciting adventure whether you’re taking a road trip to see family and friends or flying across the globe on an exotic vacation. While travel does have many perks, it can also be a bit of a pain. With thoughts of delayed flights and cancelled hotel reservations, it’s important to make the most of your trip by preparing well. Here are a few ideas to help create that enjoyable trip:

Make Your Plans

  • Plan ahead and book flights, hotels and excursions in advance. It will not only help you save money, but also stress from not having to make arrangements at the last minute.
  • Double-check your passport and identification expiration dates. Make sure that all your important forms of identification are valid during your travel dates.
  • If flying, consider paying for that checked luggage. We all want to save money, but fighting for overhead space and lifting heavy bags isn’t the best way to start a vacation.
  • Call your pharmacy in advance to make sure you have enough medication for your entire trip, plus a few extra days. Pay attention to your refill date to see if you need to request an early refill from your doctor.
  • Check into motion sickness medications as some are prescription strength. The catch is to begin this medication before you need it. Don’t wait until you feel queasy!
  • Notify your credit card companies and banks of your travel plans. UBT Debit Cards only need Travel notes in instances of international travel.
  • Get fit before your trip! Stretch and go on longer walks so you’re feeling well and prepared for days of fun-filled activities.
  • Check in with a neighbor to have them keep an eye on your home while you are away. You can set automatic light timers and avoid package deliveries to make it seem like you're still in town. Also, ask the Post Office to put a hold on your mail while you are gone.
  • Secure your cash! Be sure to keep cash safe in a fanny pack or travel money belt.

Packing Tips

  • Put something eye-catching on your luggage to make it more easily recognizable. Some people use straps, ribbons or unique luggage tags. This will help you locate your suitcase more easily on the baggage carousel.
  • Pack your outfits together: your shirt, pants, undergarments, etc. for Day 1 altogether in one location in your suitcase can make unpacking and deciding upon which outfits to wear easier.
  • Consider neutral colored clothes – blacks, tans, grays and whites match almost everything. Try to get as much wear as you can out of each piece of clothing you pack. Then sprinkle in an item or two for a pop of color.
  • Don’t forget the bags. Zip-lock bags are lifesavers for swimsuits and wet-weather excursions, and plastic shopping bags store shoes and dirty clothes away from your clean clothes.
  • Pack a spare change of clothes in your carry on. It’s better to be prepared in case you lose your luggage.
  • Be prepared for your destination. Beach and tropical vacations can be ruined by sunburns and bug bites. Make sure to pack your sunscreen and bug spray. Think about what you will actually need and be prepared without over packing.
  • And lastly, be sure to check your airline's website for up to date travel rules (especially if you haven't flown for awhile). This can save you time and hassle going through airport security.
  • We hope these travel tips send you well on your way to an enjoyable trip. What are the must-haves that enable you to travel with peace of mind?

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