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As Winter Takes Hold, Here's How to Keep Household Expenses in Check

Here are some strategies from energy experts for keeping you warm and safe through the winter months, as well as keeping your household budget in line.

Sudden Impact: When a Spouse Unexpectedly Dies

What if the unthinkable happens and your spouse dies unexpectedly? Would you be prepared to cope emotionally and financially? As the surviving spouse, you’ll face several tasks and challenges...

Have You Had Your Annual Estate Plan Checkup?

An annual estate plan checkup is critical to the health of your estate plan. Here are a few key figures for 2018 and 2019 -- they may affect your plan, so let's talk about it!

December 2018 Market Recap

Financial markets experienced much volatility during the 4th quarter, sending US stocks to their worst year since the 2008 financial crisis. However, current readings continue to suggest a benign...

Estate Planning Lite: Basic Plan for College-aged Children

If your son or daughter currently is home from college on winter break, it's a good time to discuss a few estate planning documents he/she should have at this stage of life. Let’s take a look.

Investment Overview: 4th Quarter 2018

Financial markets experienced a bout of rather extreme volatility during the fourth quarter sending US stocks to their worst year since the 2008 financial crisis. However, data remains positive...

New Year’s Prospects for Retirement Legislation

There are signs that 2019 could see meaningful retirement legislation. First, several bills were introduced in 2018 that had common retirement-related elements. Second...

Automatic Extension for Portability Election

Portability allows a surviving spouse to apply a deceased spouse’s unused estate tax exemption amount toward his or her own transfers during life or at death. To secure these benefits, however...

Magic Moments #10 | Garrett Stipke & Family

The Stipke family was homeless and facing medical problems and their car broke down. Despite all that, they have approached every day with an upbeat attitude.

Magic Moments #9 | The Chism Family

A few days after her own surgery, Shelby Chism noticed concerning symptoms in her four-year-old daughter, Nova. After a trip to Children’s Hospital in Omaha, endless tests, and a blood transfusion...