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FAIR Forum Recap: Laughing Matters

Kelly Robare,

May 30, 2017

Retiring Your Way


On Tuesday, May 2, 2017, the FAIR Program hosted our quarterly FAIR Forum. The title of this informational seminar was “Laughing Matters.” Nearly forty FAIR Program participants gathered at our Calvert Building to pick up some serious tips about having a sense of humor.

Tracie L. Foreman, a Community Health Educator/CPT with Aging Partners, gave an enlightening presentation on the power of laughter. She cited some remarkable studies where laughter played an impressive role in stress and pain management, disclosed the numerous health benefits of a hearty guffaw, and even showed us how to laugh correctly!

Woven between the fascinating facts and delightful demonstrations were Tracie’s poignant recollections. She shared wonderful memories of her mother, a woman who lived to laugh, walking on her hands or dressing up in holiday costumes. She went on to tell how these stories were told at her mother’s funeral, to honor her mother’s memory and to help the grieving family, because laughter is so healing. Tracie also described a very memorable science teacher who made science so interactive and fun, any kid on the planet would be interested (they caught their own frogs for dissecting!), and of popular ministers integrating humor into their sermons.  When we laugh, we relax, and the message is absorbed more easily.

Tracie never visits us empty handed, and she had many humorous handouts for us in addition to information on Aging Partner’s health services and fitness classes.  I think Tracie made as big an impact on this attendee as that science teacher did on her, as I have been sharing the details of this seminar with everyone I meet. Laughing really does matter; it’s free, and it has such a positive effect on our minds and bodies, why wouldn’t we want to do it more often?

Our next FAIR Forum is scheduled for August 8, 2017. The topic is “Preventing Senior Fraud: Nebraska Senior Anti-Fraud Education (SAFE) Program”, our guest presenter will be Ryan Sothan, Outreach Coordinator-Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection & Anti-Trust Division. We hope you can join us.

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