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Recap of Daniel O’Donnell at the Orpheum Theatre

Kelly Robare,

October 25, 2017

Retiring Your Way


On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, a group of 50 Festive FAIR travelers set out for Omaha. We had a full motor coach, a fearless driver, two fabulous FAIR representatives, and a fun evening ahead. We had five new travelers in the group, and they were in for a treat! We had procured tickets to Daniel O’Donnell’s one and only Omaha performance. It promised to be a wonderful time.

As you may have surmised, it takes some time to unload a coach of 50 or more passengers. Which side gets to start the process is always a bit of a concern (did I say concern, I meant contention) and we can’t all be the first ones off. On the way to Omaha, while we listened to some wonderful Irish music, our travelers participated in the great toilet paper race. They passed rolls of toilet paper from the front of the coach to the back, one roll per side. If the roll broke, they started again at the front. The driver’s side of the coach won, earning bragging rights and, more importantly, the winners got to start the exit process for the next two stops (this is a very big deal). Our group had so much fun, they played it again on the way home!

After enjoying a delicious meal at Longhorn Steakhouse, complete with a chocolate stampede (a gigantic chocolate brownie/cake-type dessert groaning under the substantial weight of vanilla ice cream, swimming in chocolate ganache and a chocolate liquor), we were ready to loosen our belts and enjoy the show.  A Daniel O’Donnell DVD got us in the mood while we motored over to the Orpheum and many of us sang along.

We were among several busses attending that night, and with good reason. O’Donnell is the consummate performer, keeping the audience captive with his special brand of humor (he can spin a yarn like no other), country, easy listening, and traditional Irish music. It is easy to see why he has achieved international fame. Many of our group has seen him numerous times in Branson and never tire of his shows. Of course, they are never the same! “Back Home Again,” “I Just Want to Dance with You,” “The Galway Shawl,” and “Home to Donegal” were but a few of the musical gems performed. The audience was treated to a full evening’s worth, complete with costume changes and a “live” duet with one of Daniel’s idols, Charlie Pride (we knew he looked up to Charlie as well as Loretta Lynn as we had covered some Daniel O’ Trivia on the way to down). The sets and instrumentals were amazing, and he has some incredible talent among his band (I am a huge fan of Mary Duff!).

After the show, it was a bit late and we were tired, but as I have mentioned previously, most FAIR Travelers don’t have curfews, so we boarded the coach and continued the party! Many of our group won Daniel O’Donnell DVDs and CDs along with some fun UBT merchandise. After a “Smarter in :90” segment and a quick review of upcoming trips and events, we popped in a Carol Burnet Show DVD and laughed all the way home.

We always have a great time on our FAIR excursions. Perhaps next time you can join us. 

 soon, and we hope next time you can join us.

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