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Education above the rest

66% of consumers rate planning for out-of-pocket costs the most challenging and stressful aspect of healthcare.* Let Health Benefit Solutions lower this stress by educating employees.

Year-end HSA reminders

With health care costs consistently on the rise, and the uncertainty of the health care environment, it’s more important than ever to adequately save for health care costs and retirement.

Know Your Retirement Plan Investment Options

Here's a comprehensive look at the type of investments available to you within your retirement plan. We'll help you choose the right mix for you.

So, Your Teenager Needs a Car…Part 2

Your teen is ready to take on the open road, and hopefully our previous post on pre-shopping considerations was helpful. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when car shopping for your teen.

So, Your Teenager Needs a Car…Part 1

It’s a milestone we both look forward to and dread as parents: Your child is finally old enough to have their own car. Here's what to keep in mind when car shopping for your teen.

Switch Kit Eases the Pain of Moving Your Banking

We put together a Switch Kit to help make moving your banking as easy as possible. Use these forms and steps for updating direct deposits, automatic payments, online subscriptions, bills, and more.

What You Should Know About Banking With UBT

When we’re meeting new customers for the first time and helping them with their accounts, we’re frequently asked these questions, so we decided to blog about it. Check it out.

What to do Following a Data Breach

Union Bank & Trust wants to help protect you and your financial information. We want to make sure that you are aware of recent data breaches including Capital One, and help inform you about...

Why You Should Break Up With Your Bank (it's not you, it's them)

Have you lost that loving feeling with your bank? If it’s gone, gone, gone, it’s time to find a bank that really gets you. Here are 4 reasons you would — or should — leave your bank and come to UBT.

Choosing the UBT Checking Account That Fits You

Most people don’t re-evaluate their checking account for nearly 20 years after opening it. Why not? Let's take a look at the UBT accounts and see which one fits you best.