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Before You Secure Financing



Greek Loan Checklist:

1. Past three years of financials, including Balance Sheet and Income Statement
2. Total membership and trends over last three years
  • Amount of members living in, amount of members living out
3. Current property value
4. Proposed project budget
5. Projections upon stabilization (if applicable)
6. Campaign information
  • Increased capacity?
  • Time frame
  • Dollars raised to date
  • Dollars collected to date
  • Timing of payments on collections
  • Projections of total campaign
  • Previous campaign history: Have other successful campaigns been completed?
7. History of Organization
  • Local chapter history
  • Alumni board background
  • Support received from other related organizations (if applicable)
  • If the house has ever had its charter revoked from the national organization or university, please provide documentation as to when that was and the reasoning in which it occurred

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