Emanate Consulting

Become a stronger version of your current organization

There are many consultants in the church industry, but Emanate Consulting Group takes a different approach than the norm. We dig in with you and make a substantial difference to your future and your success. Our goal is to work closely with you and your team, one on one, to positively impact your church. We have the tools you need to become a stronger version of your current organization and the contacts to help you partner with lenders and service providers who understand your business and your ministry.

  • Financing Prep

    Get Your Church the Loan It Needs

    We’ll help make your church “bankable”

    Presenting a financial institution with clear and concise financial reports is just the start to becoming a religious organization that will qualify for financing with desirable rates and terms. Here are just a few ways Emanate Consulting Group can help:

    • Meet with your financial team or staff to comb through your financial reports and identify key areas for improvement
    • Get your organization’s financing needs in line with general loan approval guidelines
    • Help with strategies to improve the overall financial position of your church
    • Compile loan application and financial information for a bank presentation
    • Identify church-friendly banks, including UBT Church Financing, to provide your church organization with a great financing package once you have reached your goals
  • Refinancing

    Make an Existing Loan Work for You

    Refinancing your existing church loan

    In this video, Charity Kuehn, one of Union Bank’s Church Financing experts, highlights the steps you can take to effectively refinance your church loan:

    • Start early (preferably six months out)
    • Research your options and available rates
    • Know your numbers — we can help!
  • Project Assistance

    Construction Preparation & Administration

    The help you need when it’s time to build

    Getting ready for a construction project for your organization can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Emanate Consulting Group can handle the entire process from beginning to end to ensure your church has all of the professionals in place to be successful. Emanate can help:

    • Facilitate the selection of your construction team
    • Move the process forward with your building committee
    • Facilitate contractor/architect interviews
    • Work alongside your architect and finance committee to ensure your needs, goals, and budget are aligned, ensuring your project’s successful completion
    • Assist with construction budget reviews, help with construction inspections, and provide reports on the draw process
    • Serve as the liaison between the construction of the church and the financing bank
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  • Resources

    4 Pillars Collaborative

    A complete approach to building your ministry

    Ultimately, we want to help you make your project a success, and that’s a multi-faceted effort. To get there, it’s important to utilize trusted partners and teams who know each other well and work together seamlessly.

    When a church takes a big-picture approach to facility development, the church flourishes. “Where there is not vision, the people perish” rings true. A collaborative approach that includes the key components of church facility development — vision, design, fundraising, finance — results in organic church growth.

    Emanate Consulting will help bring together expert consultants in the fields of visioning and planning, design, fundraising, and financing to guide successful building projects. An innovative one-stop shop, 4 Pillars Collaborative offers clients a high-caliber, streamlined approach that is comprehensive and results-focused.

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Meet the Team

Charity is here to help

Charity Kuehn leads the team here at Emanate Consulting Group. Her background includes more than 20 years in banking, including commercial financing, marketing, and management. She has worked in many different capacities throughout her work life but has spent the past five years working exclusively with church and nonprofit clients on their lending needs. Through this experience, the idea to offer true financial, leadership, and marketing consulting services to churches around the country developed.