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Have You Thought of Everything?

To ensure your financing solution fits your church's growth needs as well as your budget, it is important to consider the many costs associated with the construction project.

Building Construction

  • Site Paving (parking and walks)
  • Landscaping
  • Exterior Signage

General Construction

  • New Construction
  • Remodeling or Renovations

Site Work

  • Storm Sewer
  • Water Lines
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Electrical Service

Furnishings & Equipment

  • WindowCoverings
    Classrooms and offices
  • Moveable Furnishings
    Desks, chairs, conference tables
  • Non-Moveable Furnishings
    Fixed writing surfaces, cabinetry, video equipment, projection screens, smart boards
  • Artwork

Professional Fees

  • Legal Services
  • Fundraising Services
  • Architectural & Engineering Services
  • Material Testing
  • Soil Consultants

Special Permit Fees & Expenses

  • Zoning
    City fees, legal, engineering, architectural

Financing Costs
Land Costs

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