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Employer Advantages

One-Stop Shopping 
As a client of Union Bank Retirement Plan Services, you will never have to make another phone call to a service representative you have never met, again. Our team of professional retirement plan specialists will work closely with you on your plan so all of your needs are met. The “one-stop” trustee, plan administration, record keeping, participant education, and investment services are all a part of our value-added services.

To take an even bigger step, our clients value our “one-stop-shopping” approach to traditional bank and retirement plan services. We can offer you a total banking relationship including treasury management and deposit services, loans, personal and corporate trust services, as well as all other traditional banking services.

Professional Investment Management
When you invest your money and the money of your employees, it is important to have a highly trained, professional money manager assisting you in the decisions you make for those investments. Union Bank has a team of Portfolio Managers on staff who work to provide you with the highest level of investment advice. These managers have all received the highest professional designation of Chartered Financial Analyst and have an average of 15 years of experience.

Truth-in-Pricing Promise
Knowing the true cost of your plan is one of your key fiduciary duties, and plan costs are often the focus of DOL audits. Yet our experience is that few employers know the true cost of operating their retirement plan. Paying excessive fees is not only costly, but can lead to unnecessary excise taxes and litigation. That is why we make a Truth-in-Pricing promise to our clients.

Our Truth-in-Pricing promise responds to a marketplace in which not all service providers give complete disclosure about how they are paid or from what sources they are paid. Keep in mind that every dollar you pay to a service provider is a dollar you cannot use to operate your business, or a participant cannot use for his or her retirement. Our Truth-in-Pricing promise discloses the exact fees being paid to operate your plan and the sources from which they are being paid.

Investment products: Not FDIC Insured - No Bank Guarantee - May Lose Value.