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Magic Moments

December 11, 2018
Waite Family

On July 3, 2018, Christian Waite was supposed to be getting ready for his favorite holiday and playing his favorite sport. However, the day was spent at a doctor’s office, which led to an MRI to evaluate the shoulder pain that was preventing him from playing baseball. The news came that afternoon that he had a mass on his chest wall, eroding into his bone, and spots on his lungs. After more scans and a biopsy, a diagnosis of Stage IV Angiosarcoma was made. This is a very uncommon cancer, particularly rare in children. Since that July afternoon, there have been numerous trips to Children’s Hospital in Omaha and countless sleepless nights. Christian, 12, has battled through chemotherapy, radiation, and more scans causing him to miss the rest of his baseball season and the beginning of middle school with his friends.

Christian was chosen by Union Bank to receive a Magic Moment because no child should have to endure what he is going through. His strength and spirit are inspiring.

Christian loves Christmas lights and this year he will see them in style. Leisure Limousine Service will escort Christian and his family to tour the Hendricks Training Complex and basketball facilities on UNL’s campus, and see a Husker men’s basketball practice with Coach Miles, then to Old Chicago, where dinner is being provided for the entire family, and ending the day with a tour of Lincoln’s Christmas lights.

Light Up The Season

Thanks to the Lincoln Light Guy, Christian will also be able to enjoy Christmas lights from the comfort of his own home because it will be decorated like the Griswold’s house from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Christian also received an indoor basketball game that he can play with his family, video games to occupy his time in the hospital, Legos to tap into his creativity, and a drone to create fun family time with his Dad, Mom, and four siblings. Rockbrook Camera donated a GoPro Session 5 bundle to help the family capture moments to enjoy with each other. The whole family received movie passes, one-year membership to Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Lincoln Children’s Museum, and gas certificates to help with the cost of getting to and from Children’s Hospital in Omaha.

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