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October 10, 2019
Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown is a hard-working, dedicated, and devoted single mother of five girls; four of which were adopted out of foster care. She is involved in every aspect of her daughters’ lives from sports, to cheer, to family outings to the library.

Kim manages her large family alone while working a full-time job. Her ability to multitask requires a lot of juggling, yet she never complains and continues to move forward. Her focus is on maintaining a good quality of life for her children.

Boundless Love

While married, she gave birth to her oldest daughter, Torran. She then developed an interest in the foster care system. From there, Reme, Mauni, and Nia were introduced into Kim’s life. The fact that they were sisters made it vitally important to Kim that they remain together. Kim legally adopted all three girls. The last foster child under her care was Kalee. Once again Kim felt her home was the right one for Kalee, whose young life had been unstable, so she formally adopted her. The girls range in age from grade school to young adult, and are involved in sports, cheerleading, and other school activities. During their free time, they enjoy cooking together in the kitchen and have family game night once a month.

With the help of Dr. Marilyn Johnson-Farr, Kim’s Magic Moment nominator and lifelong friend, Union Bank & Trust was able to recognize Kim for her giving spirit, welcoming heart, and hard work. She has set such a great example not only for her children, but for the rest of the community.

Making Memories

Union Bank & Trust was able to provide many wonderful gifts for Kim and her family. They will attend a Women’s Husker basketball game together and a night out to the movies. They received new games for their family game night that will provide hours of fun for months to come. They all received several pieces of clothing, including coats, shoes, and much more. Their new kitchen utensils, mixer, and all the groceries to go with it will make cooking together fun. To offer Kim some down time, she was given a basket full of things to pamper herself with. Each of them also received a “My Tribe” necklace. To encourage more quality family time, they received gift cards to get manicures and pedicures, a Lincoln Children’s Zoo membership, gas cards, and much more.

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