Magic Moments: Charity Iromuanya

December 18, 2019
Magic Moments Charity Iromuanya

For some people, helping others is just second nature — and Charity Iromuanya is one of those people.  

Charity has dedicated her life to helping the Lincoln community. As a program manager for Civic Nebraska, Charity runs four Community Learning Centers, which are after-school programs for at-risk youth. She also coaches women’s varsity basketball at her high school alma mater, Lincoln Northeast. And if that wasn’t enough, Charity is also working on her second master’s degree from Doane University in school counseling. 

On a typical day, Charity wakes up at 6 in the morning, works 8-10 hours, then goes to Northeast to work with her team, both on the court and off: In addition to running drills, she makes sure they’re going to classes, keeping their grades up, and staying out of conflicts with teachers and peers. After coaching, she heads to a local coffee shop to read, study, and complete assignments.

Magic Moments Charity Iromuanya


Charity’s sister Joy told Union Bank in her nomination letter that Charity is always burning her candle at both ends, and while Joy wishes Charity would slow down, she also knows that Charity loves what she’s doing and wants to help as many people as possible. That giving nature is what moved UBT to select Charity for a Magic Moment. 

Magic Moments Charity Iromuanya


Gifts for a giver

As a basketball coach, Charity obviously is very into sports and likes to stay active. She loves opportunities to travel, as well as any chances she gets to spend time with kids and be a positive influence in their lives.

Magic Moments Charity Iromuanya

To help Charity keep up with her busy day-to-day commitments, Jet Splash generously donated a one-year membership for free car washes, and Big Red Tire Pros donated four new tires for her vehicle, including installation and balancing. Scheels contributed new coaching attire and casual wear to keep Charity on top of her game, and she also received tickets to watch some Nebraska women’s basketball. Both Super C and U-Stop provided gas cards to keep her on the go — but UBT also arranged some time for Charity at a day spa so she could relax a little, unwind, and be pampered. Also on the list are some noise-canceling headphones, Apple Air Pods, and gift certificates to her favorite coffee shops.

Magic Moments Charity Iromuanya

Union Bank is proud to recognize Charity for all her hard work and the time she spends on developing today’s youth. Her passion and care for today’s children will do so much to lead them down the right path, and her drive to better herself is clear as she works to pass on her knowledge and passion to others. Thank you for everything you do, Charity!

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