Magic Moments: Klein Family

December 19, 2019
Magic Moments Klein Family

Not everyone can look a cancer diagnosis in the face and say, “I can use this to help others.” But that’s exactly what Magic Moments recipient Jenn Klein has done since being diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer in 2015. 

Jenn went through 20 weeks of chemotherapy, which included two blood transfusions, a platelet transfusion, a four-hour surgery that included a port removal, a node biopsy, a double mastectomy and reconstruction, and then 33 sessions of radiation. She’s now cancer-free, but she knows there’s a chance she’ll have to battle the monster again (along with her mother and aunt, who were also diagnosed with cancer). And through it all, Jenn is committed to helping others any way that she can.

Magic Moments Klein Family

Currently, Jenn is a committee member for Lincoln/Lancaster County Relay for Life, she’s a Reach to Recovery volunteer and speaker, and she also does speaking events for the United Way/CHAD combined campaign on behalf of the Community Blood Bank. Jenn and her family were chosen for a Magic Moment because despite dealing with a challenging cancer diagnosis, Jenn is still an advocate for the cancer community and a voice for those who are not able to share their stories. And if that isn’t enough, Jenn and her family — husband Ben and 15-year-old daughter Sadie — have decided to pay their Magic Moment forward to CEDARS, and Union Bank is happy to oblige. 

Sharing the love

CEDARS is a Lincoln nonprofit that’s been around for about 70 years. The organization provides children and youth a safe place to start new beginnings, and they also offer support to parents, foster families, and partnering agencies to help take care of these children. Jenn’s husband Ben was adopted as a child, so being able to give back to this organization and the children who are staying there is very important to the Kleins. 

Thanks to the Klein family, CEDARS received lots of items to distribute to the children and families they serve, including gear from Scheels, gas cards from Super C, and plenty of other gifts that are both practical and fun: coats, toys, CDs, movies, board games, blankets, pillows, and much more.

Magic Moments Klein Family


UBT is grateful for the opportunity to support Jenn, the Klein family, and their giving spirit. As Jenn’s cousin Amanda said in her nomination letter, “Jenn is the voice for others who are sick and can’t tell their stories, she’s the voice that won’t go silent until cancer is cured.” We’re so glad to support Jenn, who deserves nothing but love and cheer this holiday season. Thank you for all you do!

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