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December 07, 2018
Torres Family

Last December, Perla Torres had been sick. Her family and doctors assumed she had a cold. When the cold continued and Perla’s mother, Angélica grew concerned, she insisted the doctors look further. They ran several tests. Later, Angélica got a phone call asking her and Perla to get to Children’s Hospital immediately. The doctors shared the diagnosis, Ewing’s Sarcoma. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a cancerous tumor that often affects children and young adults between the ages of 10 and 20. Perla’s tumor is near her lungs. Since the diagnosis, Perla has undergone chemotherapy and radiation.

Support System

Perla had danced with the Orgullo Latino dance group, where her mother volunteers her time and skills teaching Latin American dance traditions. Currently, Perla is unable to dance, but hopes to dance again in the future. Perla’s family includes her mother, Angélica, her father, José, brother José and sisters, Estrella and Karely. Perla was nominated by the mother of another dancer in the Orgullo Latino dance group. The Orgullo Latino family has done a lot to try to help the family as Perla faces Ewing’s Sarcoma, including setting up a GoFundMe for the family’s expenses as well as organizing a fundraiser.

Holiday Cheer

Union Bank was happy to present Perla and her family with a Magic Moment to bring cheer to them all during the holiday season. Perla has found much joy in make-up blogging since her diagnosis, so she was presented with some tools to make it happen: a laptop, make-up, including an eyeshadow palette she had wanted, and a lighted mirror. Perla is scheduled to have her tumor removed on December 12th, so she was also presented with a tablet to stay connected while she is away from home, along with some comfy new clothes. Perla’s mother, Angélica, has really focused on Perla’s care, so she was presented with several items to pamper herself including bath and body products, a candle, a foot massager and passes to the Lincoln’s Children’s Zoo and Lincoln Children’s Museum for family time together. Perla’s father, José, who provides for the family working as a mechanic, received a new pair of work boots, mechanic’s gloves, items to keep him warm in the cold weather and gas cards as the family will need to travel for surgery and doctors’ appointments. Perla’s brother, José, was presented with a pair of basketball shoes he had been wanting as well as a tablet. Perla’s sister, Estrella, received a life-size kitchen set with accessories, a Barbie, and some clothes for herself. Perla’s youngest sister, Karely, received a doll with a stroller and crib, slippers, and clothes.

We wish Perla’s family a very Merry Christmas and wish Perla a quick recovery from the surgery she will be undergoing to remove her tumor.

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