Transitioning to a new ACH processing system: What you need to know

June 14, 2024
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In order to best serve our customers, Union Bank & Trust is always seeking to improve the products and services we offer. As such, we will soon be updating the system that provides our ACH functionality. We want to make sure you have the support you need during this transition, so here are some helpful tips and recommendations from your UBT team to follow ahead of the conversion and beyond.

Before the conversion

  • Know your current login credentials. If you need help finding these, please contact our UBT payments team at  402.323.1753 or via email.
  • Sign up for a training session. Click the date and time to register for what works best for you. (All times are in Central Time). Available sessions include:
  • Review User Guides. To familiarize yourself with the new system, access the user guides below. (bullets)
  • Archive historical batch reports prior to the upgrade. Old data will not convert to the new system; follow these instructions to archive prior to the upgrade.
    • Log in to Web Cash Manager.
    • Select ACH Payments on the left-hand side.
    • Select ACH Batch List along the top of the screen. Please note: The batch list will only show the previous six months of batches.
    • Select the empty checkbox on the batch line.
    • Select the gray Batch Report button next to the Delete/Release/Unrelease buttons along the bottom.
    • Select sort order. (Sort by Name will list alphabetically.)
    • Select Display for a PDF report, then select Print. This will let you either save the report as a PDF or print a paper copy for your records.

During conversion

  • Plan for adjustments in system availability:
    • The existing system will be unavailable starting July 12, 2024, at 5 p.m.
    • The new system will be available on July 15, 2024

Upon first login

The link to the new site will be in the same locations across, but it will now be titled UBT Business ACH. This is accessible under the Login tab on under the Business logins. Any saved or bookmarked links that direct you to the current site will need to be deleted, and you’ll need to resave or bookmark the new link.

  • Your Login ID will be the first three letters of your current ORG ID + your first name (e.g. BBBJANET). If your ORD ID only has two letters, you will only need to use two letters (e.g. UBJANET). Your password will be your current password.
  • Once you are in the new system, it’s important that you immediately go in and review and approve recurring files. Automated recurring files will convert to the new system, but you need to review and approve the file to reinitiate the occurrence. If this step is not completed, the file will not be sent.

After conversion

  • Once you are in the new system, send files two days prior to effective date.
  • Review and approve templates and recipients prior to submitting and approving transactions. Your current database files and the active recipients in the database will convert to the new system as Templates. Review these for accuracy within the system before submitting and approving your first transaction file.
  • Review converted recipient entries. Recipients with a $0 amount in the existing system will convert to the new system but will not be included in the Templates. You can find these under Recipients; they can be added as a Template when you are ready to submit a transaction greater than $0.


Why are we switching to a new ACH platform?

We are upgrading our system that provides ACH functionality.  Our goal is for you to enjoy a streamlined, more intuitive user interface.

Will Web Cash Manager still be the name of platform?

Web Cash Manager will now be known as UBT Business ACH.

Do I still need to use ACH Scheduler?

No. ACH Scheduler will be discontinued with the upgrade to UBT Business ACH. The new system offers additional risk services that will be used instead of ACH Scheduler. 

Will I still receive reminder notifications from UBT when my ACH file is due or pending approval?

No. Because you will no longer be providing your scheduled file dates in ACH Scheduler, email notifications will no longer be sent, and phone call reminders will not be made regarding files that have not been received. 

Will there be a change in processing cutoff times? 

The last ACH processing cutoff time for the day will remain the same at 3 p.m. All files must be entered and scheduled by 3 p.m. to process that day. 

Will there still be a same-day ACH processing option? 

Yes. As always you can send a same-day ACH throughout the day if needed. Same-day ACH files must be entered and scheduled by 3 p.m. to process that day. Additional fees may be incurred for sending these files the same day.  

Will there be any fee changes associated with the new platform? 

Yes. The fees for same-day ACH processing will be lowered. The $25 batch fee will be eliminated, and the per-transaction fee will be lowered from $1.50 to $0.50 per transaction. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager or the UBT Payments team at 402.323.1753.

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