The Wylie Family

Magic Moments

December 06, 2018
Wylie Family

The Wylie family always looks out for each other, especially when times are hard. Jerome and Crystal are parents to four wonderful children, Angel (16), Jasmine (14), Natalia (11), and Porter (8).

Through Thick & Thin

Jerome suffered a heart attack in 2016. Then Jasmine encountered ear problems which led to multiple hospital stays. The family endured difficult times as medical bills piled up. Crystal was always there for Jerome when he was in the hospital and Angel would help her parents by taking care of her siblings. Due to the medical bills, they fell on hard financial times and the family of 6 was living in a single hotel room.

Home Sweet Home

With the generous help of Kabredlo’s Property, we helped provide the Wylie family with some great news – they now have a permanent place to call home! Jerome is an electrician and was working full-time before his heart attack. He is well on his way to recovering and is working part-time now. He was presented with a new drill and impact set with sockets and ratchets. Since it can get cold when he’s working, he’ll keep warm with his new Carhart coat. He is a Packers fan so he also received a Packers camp chair and hat. Crystal loves to cook so she’ll enjoy her new set of pots and pans and a gift basket full of things for the kitchen. She also received a wax burner and a gift basket to help her relax and pamper herself. The children were presented with coats, shoes, and various items on their wish lists. The family loves spending time together, so they were given a family photo shoot, a membership to the Lincoln Zoo, and tickets to a Saltdogs baseball game.

The Wylie family is a loving, caring family that doesn’t take anything for granted. We wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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