Paperless statements

March 28, 2023

Secure, convenient, and free

Paperless statements are a simple and secure way to maintain your checking or savings accounts. When you enroll in this online service, you’ll receive a monthly reminder by email when your statement is ready. Then, you can log in to UBTgo online banking to view your new statement or look back through the last 24 months on record. With your financial information safely stored under UBTgo’s lock and key, you can feel good about getting one less piece of mail each month.

You don’t have to give up support when you sign up for paperless statements, either. Our Call Center is happy to walk you through the enrollment process, step-by-step. Or if you have questions down the road, you can always get the help you need by calling us.

Paperless statements offer lots of benefits over paper statements:

  • One less thing to think about. We’ll send you an email when your statement is available. Then, simply log in and you can view up to 24 months of statements and check images.
  • Safer than paper. A paperless statement can’t be stolen from your mailbox, delivered to the wrong house, or taken from your trash. Plus, you use your secure UBTgo login to access your statements.
  • Good for the Earth, good for you. When you sign up for paperless statements, you’re extending the life of our natural resources. Plus, they’re a free way to help you manage your checking and savings statements faster and easier. Now that’s green!

To sign up for paperless statements:

Simply log in to UBTgo using your existing username, password, and multifactor authentication option. From there, click on Paperless Statement Enrollment at the top of the page and follow the signup process. On the mobile app, visit the More section of the app and select Paperless Statement Enrollment from the Other section. Follow the signup process. Download instructions here.

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