Are You Medicare Ready? A Union Bank presentation

November 02, 2021

Planning ahead is always a plus — and probably one of the most crucial times to implement proactive tactics is when you’re staring down your 65th birthday, as Medicare enrollment often happens around that time. But it’s tough to plan when you have unanswered questions. Our esteemed presenters, Alicia Jones, SHIP/SMP Administrator with the Nebraska SHIP/SMP division of the Nebraska Department of Insurance, and Craig Pytleski, Private Client Advisor in the Wealth Management Division at UBT, take us through their respective areas of expertise.

Medicare Costs, Coverage, and Components

Alicia Jones discusses the various components of Medicare, addressing such questions as cost and coverage. She thoroughly explains the difference between Medicare with a supplement and Medicare Advantage (hint: one of them is associated with a TV celebrity). Alicia also covers Medicare rules that affect coverage and outlines several scenarios regarding enrollment timing.

Intentional Retirement Planning

Craig Pytleski gives us an insightful look at intentional retirement planning, the kind that ensures your retirement savings can accommodate the plans you’ve made. He outlines crucial steps and objectives in retirement planning at every stage, what a retirement plan could consist of, and what should be counted as retirement income. Craig also gives suggestions for keeping pertinent information organized, and the importance of making your financial planner a key part of your planning process.

Don’t miss out on our Countdown to Medicare prep guide, which we put together as a companion piece to this webinar.

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