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June 01, 2020

Get ready for a new UBTgo mobile app experience

Smartphones have come a long way to become the pocket-sized powerhouses we all tote around each day. So it’s only fitting that our UBTgo mobile app would grow and change, too — and that’s why we’re excited to announce a new release of UBTgo is now available in your smartphone’s App Store. 

We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up, adding a lot of improvements to the user interface, speeding up load times, and implementing a sleeker design that puts your most important information front and center. The result? A faster, slicker app that will make managing your money a breeze. The new release in now available; before you download, read on for some important info and key features.

First things first: Logging in

UBTGo home screen


This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you update your app to the new release, you’re going to need to sign in using your User ID and password — which might be tricky if you’ve been using biometrics (like your fingerprint or face ID) to log in for a long time. 

If you can’t remember your password, you can simply click the “Forgot?” link on the login screen. If you can’t remember your User ID, you’ll need to call our Customer Support Team for guidance on how to retrieve it. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you can re-set your biometric login from the Profile Updates section of the More menu in the lower right-hand corner. Simply follow the prompts to get enrolled.

Special note to iPhone users: Certain special characters are not supported on the iPhone keyboard (apostrophes, quotation marks, and two dashes in a row). If your User ID or password contains any of these characters, consider updating your User ID or password. You can do this by visiting the Profile menu and choosing Profile Updates on the current app or the desktop version of UBTgo.

Let’s talk Interface updates

When you first log in to the app, you’ll see each of your accounts listed in alphabetical order, first by account type and then alphabetically by nickname; this includes HSAs and any linked credit card accounts. (Hint: If you’d like to change the order in which your accounts are listed, you can give each account a nickname by tapping on the account, navigating to the Details, and hitting the Change button under Account Nickname.) Another exciting new feature: You’ll now be able to see transaction details for your linked credit card accounts.

You’ll also notice that navigating the app is easier, with faster swiping, an improved keyboard, back buttons, and biometric prompts. Most-used features live at the bottom of the home screen: Deposit (for mobile deposits), Move Money (for transfers — which you can now do to and from accounts outside of UBT! — and for making payments in BillPay), Contact Us, and More.

UBTGo home screen


Making those mobile deposits will be easier than ever, too: In this new release, once you give the app permission to use your camera, it will automatically take a photo of your check the moment it’s aligned properly within the field, complete with flash for improved clarity.

We’ve also made improvements to the app’s transaction search capabilities. One thing to note, however: If you’re searching for a specific check by its number, you’ll need to include a # in front of the number (e.g., #1222). 

There are lots of things you can do from the Account screen for a given account. For starters, it’s easy to free and unfreeze your debit card: On the Checking account screen, simply tap the snowflake that says “Freeze Card” and follow the prompts. There will be an indicator on the account to let you know the card is frozen. You can still access all of the Debit Card Control features in the More menu, which we’ll discuss below. Additionally, transactions now load automatically with continuous scroll — kind of like your feed on your favorite social media app. You can also easily access important actions for your account from the Account screen and find details about your account in the Details tab.

About that More menu…

UBTGo more menu


Part of the reason the new app release is so slick is because the More menu keeps everything tidy. From this menu, you can navigate to Profile Updates, Alerts, Statements, Quick Balance, and Send Feedback, as well as a toggle to enable Face ID if your phone is capable. The More menu is also where you can access Secure Forms, Transfers, e-Statement Enrollment, Debit Card Controls, Messages, Money Compass, and Payments.

Profile Updates. From here, you can update your address, manage your quick login, change your password or email address, change your User ID and/or security information, and manage text banking.

Alerts. Unsurprisingly, the Alerts section is where you can set customizable alerts for your account, such as due date reminders, balance notifications, and more.

Statements. Here you can view e-Statements for your linked accounts dating back up to 24 months. 

Quick Balance. You can enable Quick Balance and select which account’s balance you would like to see in your Quick Balance here. 

Send Feedback. This app release wouldn’t have been possible without feedback from customers like you, and so your ongoing input will help us continue to improve! Let us know about any troubles you’re having, tell us what you love about the new app, alert us to any broken functionalities or snags — we want to hear from you.

Other More menu items. From the More menu, you can also find a roundup of Secure Forms, manage your transfers to and from UBT accounts, enroll in e-Statements, access Debit Card Controls, view your messages, manage your budget from Money Compass, and make online payments via BillPay. A note about freezing your card, if needed: You can do so from the Debit Card Controls link in the More menu, but you can also freeze an account from that account’s page within the app. When you’re viewing a specific account, there will be a snowflake icon underneath the account balance at the top of the screen that says Freeze Card — this is where you can easily freeze and unfreeze a specific account’s card. 

Our goal: a better user experience

The new release is now available to download via Apple’s App Store or Google Play, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve created. As always, our No. 1 goal is to make managing your money as easy as possible, so we hope you’ll contact us with any questions or concerns as you start using the new UBTgo mobile app. After all, at UBT, your money has people — real people who really care about helping you make the most of the tools in your toolbox. 

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