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Spend Securely

How we keep your cards safe from fraud

Your new card comes equipped with EMV technology. The small chip visible on the face of your card will provide you with added security during transactions. Each time you use your card at an EMV-enabled retailer, the chip will send a unique transaction code for each purchase. Because these cards still have magnetic strips used at retailers that have not yet adopted EMV and printed numbers used online or over the phone, it is still important for you to continue monitor your accounts for unauthorized charges.

Added Layer of Protection

Your EMV chip contains information needed to process your transaction at a retailer or ATM; no personal information is stored on the chip. Because each transaction code is unique, chip cards make it extremely difficult to counterfeit a card.

Using your Card

Your card will continue to work at any merchant that accepts Visa®. For those with EMV, simply insert your card into the EMV reader, or for those with a traditional terminal, swipe your card with your magnetic stripe.

How to use your Chip Card at chip-enabled retailers

Steps for using your EMV chip card

Additional ways we keep you safe.

Online & Mobile Access to your Credit Card

Our online access to your credit card gives you realtime monitoring ability on your card. If something doesn’t look right, contact our 24 hour support team any time. And, if you are accessing your information via a mobile device, our responsive design will automatically configure your information to fit the screen that you are viewing it on.


Set up email or text alerts for a variety of transactions to keep your Credit Card safe. Whether it is a transaction over a certain dollar amount, or a balance alert, you’ll feel confident knowing what is being purchased with your card. If we suspect Fraud, we’ll contact by phone right away.


Eliminate personal financial information being delivered to your mailbox with secure e-Statements. You’ll receive a monthly reminder email to log-in to EZCard Info to view your credit card statement. It’s easy, secure, and cuts down on your mail.