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Support your favorite cause with UBT and Propelr



Propelr helps raise money for your favorite charitable organization each time you use your UBT Debit Card at participating merchants.  UBT is partnering with Propelr to offer this community building service to our customers.

How It Works

Enroll at and select your favorite non-profit organizations. Then when you make a purchase at a participating merchant with your UBT Debit Card, the merchant donates a percentage of the purchase to your selected organization(s). The donation is funded completely by the merchant. If you already have a UBT Debit Card, the Propelr service is added to your current card - you do not need a new or separate card.


There are over 125 merchants with over 6,000 locations participating in Propelr with more being added all the time. The amount of each purchase donated is established by each participating merchant.  It can range from 2% on up to 20%.  Most are in the 2-5% range.  The donation amounts and participating merchants are listed here.

Over 120 non-profit organizations are participating including Lincoln area schools, both public and private, many churches, and organizations such as The Food Bank, Matt Talbot Kitchen, Salvation Army, Teammates, Tiny Hands, etc. A complete list of all the participating organizations are listed here. If a non-profit you would like to contribute to is not listed, you can suggest to Propelr they be included here. Propelr may then contact that organization to see if they wish to participate.

For changes or assistance with the Propelr program, call 844.565.7145 or email

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