Identity Protection

Protect your accounts and your financial reputation

In partnership with Deluxe Provent®, Union Bank offers you Identity Protection to help protect your personal information and accounts. Stop by the nearest branch to get started.

Get these great benefits

ID Restoration Pro

If your identity is ever stolen, you’ll have access to certified resolution specialists to help you.

Online Identity Vault

The Identity Vault provides you 10GB of online encrypted storage for your important personally identifiable documents and information.

Internet monitoring

An ongoing scan of black market chat rooms, websites, and databases alerts you if your Online Identity Vault-stored information is detected during continuous monitoring of black market websites that sell stolen identities.

Credit monitoring

This service synchronizes with the credit bureau, Experian, to alert you any time there is a change to your credit file to help catch the first sign of fraud.

Deluxe Provent Portal

Manage it all in one place

You’ll have access to an online dashboard with a quick glance at your monitoring status.

  • Expert protection tips and timely news
  • Encrypted documents and images
  • Password manager
  • Notification services
  • Secure authentication

ID Restoration

Dedicated 1-on-1 care

An ID restoration specialist can answer questions and assist with resolution in the event of lost/stolen wallet, fraud, or identity theft.

  • Notifying and requesting government-issued identification
  • Placing fraud alerts on your credit reports and reviewing those reports for evidence
  • Freezing or closing any compromised accounts
  • Notifying the Federal Trade Commission and filing a complaint
  • Coordinating with credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies, government agencies, and/or merchants