Identity Protection Enrollment

Two-Step Process

It is very important to note the two-step process to activate all of the Identity Protection benefits.

Step One: Enrollment

Your Union Bank personal banker will help you enroll. Visit one of our branches to get signed up. It is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes. Once Deluxe Provent receives notification from Union Bank of your enrollment for Identity Protection (typically within 1-2 business days) you receive the benefits of ID Restoration Pro Service.

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Step Two: Customer Activation

After enrollment, you will receive a welcome email from Deluxe Provent with instructions on how to activate the full benefits including Internet Monitoring, One Bureau Credit Monitoring and the Online Identity Vault. You will be directed to to complete your activation.

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Fees and Charges

Once you activate your account, you will be charged a $6.95 monthly fee for the following services:*

  • ID Restoration Pro
  • Online Identity Vault**
  • Internet Monitoring**
  • One Bureau Credit Monitoring**

*Journey and Premier Checking customers receive a $2.00 discount off the $6.95 monthly fee for Identity Protection Service. Your monthly fee is automatically charged to your designated Union Bank checking or savings account with the statement description of “ID Protect.”
**IMPORTANT: If you do not complete Step 2 to activate your services, you will not receive the following services: Internet Monitoring, One Bureau Credit Monitoring, and the Online Identity Vault. You will only receive ID Restoration Pro and be charged a monthly fee of $1.95.