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Piggy Bank Match

This Promotion Ended on 5/11/17


Help the kids you care about by getting them started early. Open a MyStyle Savings account and we’ll help count what’s in their piggy banks and teach them how a savings account works.


And, we’ll even match their first deposit up to $25.1

Create a MyStyle Savings Account by choosing two options:

Fee Waiver2
$25 Anniversary Bonus3
$10 RoundUp match4 – Automatic savings program


Visit a branch near you!

1)For new MyStyle Savings account customers age 15 and under opened at UBT branches (not online) starting 3/1/17 through 5/10/17. Within 10 days of account opening we will match up to $25 of the first deposit. $5 minimum opening deposit required. 2) Waives $3 per month maintenance fee if below $100 average available (fee automatically waived for primary account owners under age 18). 3) Requires minimum balance of $500 on the last day of the month of account’s 1-year anniversary, then $25 deposited within 10 days. 4) Requires enrollment in RoundUp, we will match up to $10 of your RoundUp deposits posted within 60 days enrollment; MyStyle Savings annual percentage yield (APY) is .05% as of 3/30/17. Rate may change after account opening and fees may reduce earnings.