Receive a Popmoney payment?

Popmoney can make receiving payments from friends and family automatic. Learn how to receive this payment and set your preferences to make it effortless next time.


UBT Customer Enrolled in Popmoney

UBT Customers who are enrolled in Popmoney and have verified their phone numbers and email addresses should not have to to complete any further actions. If you are enrolled and a payment didn't automatically deposit into your account, try the following:

  • Visit Popmoney through your UBTgo Online Banking BillPay option.
  • You may need to add the email or mobile phone number to your account or complete the verification process. This is managed within your Popmoney Preferences option.
  • To accept the pending deposit, select Overview within Popmoney and select Deposit next to the Incoming Payment.
  • To set Automatic Deposits for future payments select the Popmoney Preferences option and select Enable next to Automatic Deposit.

Watch the Demo Video to see step-by step-instructions.

UBT Customer Not Enrolled in Popmoney

Enroll in BillPay and Popmoney by following these steps:

  • Log in to UBTgo Online Banking
  • Visit the Payments tab
  • Enter your information and accept the terms of service
  • Visit the Preferences tab in Popmoney to verify your email address and mobile phone number. Doing so will allow you to utilize the Automatic Deposit feature of Popmoney.
  • For each email address and mobile phone number, you will receive a code by text or email that you will enter into the Preferences page.
  • On the Preferences page, make sure the Automatic Deposit feature is turned on.
You're ready to start using sending and receiving money through Popmoney.


Guest Deposit

If the payment you received is less than $250, you can use the Guest Deposit button and input the phone number or email where you received the notification message. You'll then be asked to input the information of the account where you would like the payment deposited. For payments higher than $250, Popmoney requires that you create an account for security purposes. Your bank may also be part of the Popmoney network. Check using the links below.

Guest Deposit

Participating Banks