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Step 4: Find Your Home

4: Find Your Home!

This is the fun part! We'd recommend considering these key points to ensure you find a home that truly suits you. As you consider these features, note which ones are truly needs, and those that you’d be willing to compromise.

  • Check out different styles and floor plans (ranch, 2-story, etc.)
  • Look at various neighborhoods - which ones just feel right to you?
  • Priorities inside the home: number of bedrooms, finished basement, size of kitchen, central heat, air conditioning
  • Priorities outside the home: size of yard, garage, landscaping/trees
  • Neighborhood priorities: proximity to schools, entertainment, shopping, police/fire department

You can do the searching on your own with websites like, or with the help of a Realtor, who can provide local market expertise and guidance.

Step 5: Make an Offer