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Weather: Taylor, Grand Island branches closed Monday. York, Seward closing 4:30.

Campus ATMs & Branch

Union Bank is the exclusive bank on campus located on the north side, first floor of the City Campus Union. Visit them Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30am-5:00pm.

ATMs on City Campus
  • Abel/Sandoz Residence Halls…..860 N 17th St1,3
  • Union Bank branch in the City Union…..1400 R St2
  • City Campus Union-North Entrance…..1400 R St2
  • City Campus Union-South Entrance…..1400 R St2
  • City Campus Union-West…..1400 R St2
  • Village Residence Halls….1055 N 16th St1,3
  • Neihardt Residence Hall….540 N 16th1,3
  • University Suites….1780 R St1,3
ATM on East Campus
  • East Campus Union…..314 Nebraska East Union2,3
(1) 24-hour ATM
(2) Image ATM (deposit check or cash without envelope)
(3) Available to UNL students with access