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How do I send money to my student?

We get it. You want your student to be independent, but you’d also like to check in to make sure things are going okay. The same is often true for a student’s finances. When you want to help your student out, we’ve got several ways for you to get the money to your them.

I’m an owner on my student’s UBT account, and I also bank at UBT.

You have easiest of all options, simply make a free, Express Transfer within Online Banking to move money to your student’s checking account. Or, if you plan to add money on a regular basis, set up a scheduled transfer within Online Banking to make it even easier.

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I’m an owner on my student’s UBT account, but I bank somewhere else.

Moving money is still easy. Simply use Account to Account transfer to link up your two accounts. Sending money is free!

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  • Go to the how-to video 
  • Select "Transfer Money"
  • Select "Set-up an External Transfer"

I’m not an owner on my student’s UBT account.

The easiest option for you to use is Popmoney. All you need is your student’s email address or cell phone number to transfer money directly to their account. UBT customers can request and send next-day payments for free. Non-UBT customers will be assessed a 95 cent fee per transfer. If they need the money the same day, the fee is just $2.50.*

Get step-by-step instructions.

*Instant payment option is only present when both banks participate in the Real Time Payments Network.