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Clover Go, the Mobile Card Reader

Jim Smith,

June 26, 2013

Building Your Business


What is Clover Go?

It's the newest mobile solution to accept credit card payments using your smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android).

Do you have a food truck business but are tired of the hassle of taking only cash or checks? Clover Go is your solution.

Taking your local-grown, organic vegetable crop for sale at the Farmers Market? Clover Go is your solution.

Operate an in-home party host business for cooking-ware or similar product? Again, Clover Go is the answer.

Do you own a small restaurant or retail business?  Just combine the Clover Go app & card reader with your iPad and you’re set to accept your patron’s signature card payment at table side (or in the aisle).

Your client uses their finger to sign right on the screen, and receipts are sent via e-mail or text.  Works anywhere with cellular or secure Wi-Fi.


Clover Go encrypts card data instantly upon swipe, protecting you and your customer from fraud.  Security of your client’s card information is a BIG deal in the payments industry.  The last headache you need is a fraudster gaining card information from your business.  Clover Go card reader also accepts EMV or chip cards to enhance secure payments.  TransArmor® Solution for small business data protection safeguards your business and reputation, providing the encryption and tokenization to ensure your hard work pays off.

The sturdy Clover Go card reader is less prone to breakage and unread swipes than comparable devices.  You’ll receive the card reader via mail once your application is approved. But until then, you can enter card information directly into your device.

The initial reader cost of $29.99 will be rebated to you with just that amount of sales in the following three months.  Your bank account can be funded as quickly as the next day. In the unlikely event you decide to discontinue using Clover Go, you pay no termination fee.

You'll also get the support and service you deserve from First Data, the leading experts in payment acceptance and solutions.

Clover Go also comes with clear and intuitive reporting on sales activity along with insights on other local companies in your industry. Easy access to transaction information via the online dashboard. You can add custom tip and tax rates plus permissions for other employees.  And Clover Go grows with your business allowing you to easily move to other Clover devices and solutions as your business evolves.  Best of all, you get all the support and service you need from the global leader in reliable and secure payment solutions so you can spend more time doing what you love. After all, that’s why you went into business in the first place.


Check out the Clover Go web page for more information. Or visit to sign up and download the application from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.  Plug your new card reader into your mobile device (Android or Apple) and you’re ready to add convenience and customer services by swiping your customers’ signature-based cards.

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