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Whether it’s in our office or out in your fields, let’s talk about the right plan for you. UBT takes a fair, straightforward approach to your finances that you can rely on year after year. Whether you're expanding your acres or passing the farm to the next generation, you’ll get thoughtful, detailed guidance from real people (like Nora) who really care about your farm and family.

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Crop Insurance

Expecting the unexpected

From damaging drought and hail to fluctuating grain prices, your ag operation faces risks every year. Crop insurance is an important tool for mitigating these risks and protecting your profitability. Let’s talk about your operation, and we’ll guide you to a crop insurance solution that works for you.

  • Multi-peril crop insurance
  • Crop revenue coverage
  • Revenue assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UBT's Wire SWIFT Code for receiving an international wire?


To assist our customers living abroad or with family members who live outside of the United States, we have an International Wire SWIFT Code. Use the information below to send a wire to a Union Bank & Trust account:

  1. Receiving Bank: Union Bank & Trust Co.
  2. SWIFT Code: UNTUUS42
  3. Beneficiary: Union Bank & Trust Co. Account Name
  4. Address: Union Bank & Trust Co. Account Address
  5. Account Number: Union Bank & Trust Co. Account Number
Why should I set my paycheck up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit of payroll provides you same-day access to your funds the day your employer issues your check. Eliminate mail delays and the added trip to the bank to make your deposit. With direct deposit, you'll simply receive your paycheck in your personal checking account on your payday. That's it!

To be eligible to receive Direct Deposit into your personal checking account, your employer must be enrolled in the service on their business checking account. If you are currently receiving a check, ask your employer if direct deposit is available. A branch can print a direct deposit form for you. You can also download and print our Direct Deposit Form.

What is Money Compass?

Money Compass is a personal financial management tool that is built in to UBTgo. With Money Compass, you can:

  • See your UBT and non-UBT accounts with account aggregation
  • Create custom categories for transactions
  • Set spending targets
  • Create savings goals
  • Project cash flow
  • Track your net worth
  • Be alerted when you're approaching a spending target

Check out the demo to learn how to use this tool. 

At what locations can I get a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

Signature Guarantee services are available by appointment at several Union Bank & Trust locations. For the nearest location of an authorized employee, please contact our Customer Support Team at 402.323.1777 or 800.297.2837.

Why do you need to know the value of the transaction for the Medallion Signature Guarantee?

Our surety bond limits the value of the transaction we are permitted to guarantee. If we guarantee an amount over our limit, you would not be adequately protected.

Can I move money to my account at a different bank?

Yes, using account to account transfers within personal Billpay, you can link an account you own at another financial institution. Once setup, you can easily send money to and from that account. Learn more by watching the demo in the Learning Center.

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