A commitment to giving back

“It’s an honor to work alongside the amazing organizations in our community to help individuals, families, businesses, and neighborhoods thrive.”

    - Jason Muhleisen, President/CEO

  • Community Involvement

    A Culture of Caring

    Empowering employees to make a difference

    Employees throughout Union Bank are empowered to be leaders in philanthropy. They respond by volunteering their time and talents, donating thousands of meals, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. This program unifies our employees in giving back, all while representing Union Bank.

  • Sponsorship

    Union Bank Sponsorship Request

    Supporting the communities we serve

    Addressing the needs of our community and supporting nonprofit organizations makes our communities stronger, and it’s our privilege to be a philanthropic leader.

  • Charitable Giving

    Paying It Forward

    Helping organizations help others

    Our board of directors has established an annual share of earnings for contributions back into the community in the areas of education, the arts, and community betterment. In the past five years, Union Bank and its holding company have contributed over $7 million back into the community.

  • Magic Moments

    Magic Moments

    Celebrating the magic of the holiday season

    Over the past two decades, the Magic Moments program has brightened the holidays for hundreds of people within our community. Whether it’s providing Christmas gifts to a family falling on hard times, showering individuals with help and support while they’re fighting medical issues, or simply honoring someone who makes our community a better place to live, Magic Moments brings plenty of joy to the holiday season.

Financial Literacy Program

Encouraging solid financial foundations

A good financial education is the key to healthier finances — and we believe it should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we created our Financial Literacy program, in which UBT partners with community nonprofits to provide a customized financial learning experience offered via Zoom or traditional classroom settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a donation or sponsorship request?

Submit this online form to be reviewed at a monthly meeting.  


Do you have an employee volunteer program?

Yes, UBT has a Community Involvement Program for employees that is made up of volunteer opportunities, fundraisers and collecting items to be donated. We also encourage employees to serve on non-profit boards and committees throughout the community.        

How much does UBT donate back into the communities they serve?

Each year UBT gives back 2% of its net profit to the communities they serve.         


How do I nominate someone for a Magic Moment?

Complete the online form found on our website.


When is the next Shred Day event and is it open to the community?

Shred Day is held the Saturday following the end of tax season each year (April 15th marks the end of  tax season) and is open to the public. 

How many bank locations does Union Bank have?

The Bank has 30 full service offices in 14 Nebraska & Kansas communities. With 16 offices in Lincoln, Union Bank has more offices than any other financial institution. To find the location nearest you, use our branch and atm locator.