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Fraudsters are everywhere, and they're getting sneakier and smarter all the time. It's important to learn how to protect your finances — business or personal — and stay ahead of the threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a text message about a suspicious transaction, is this legitimate?

Yes, UBT will send you suspicous activity texts regarding your debit card from short code 70756. To confirm the activity, simply reply "Yes" and continue using your card.  Reply "No" is that activity was not you. Our automated system will call you to start the stolen card reporting process and restrict access to the card.

At what locations can I get a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

Signature Guarantee services are available by appointment at several Union Bank & Trust locations. For the nearest location of an authorized employee, please contact our Customer Support Team at 402.323.1777 or 800.297.2837.

Why are there so many requirements for obtaining a Signature Guarantee or Validation?

Issuers of securities and Transfer Agents rely upon the Signature Guarantee/Validation process for the transfer of securities. The Transfer Agent is liable for improper securities registration, but cannot witness you signing your documents or review the documentation showing your legal authority and capacity to sign the documents. The Signature Guarantee/Validation provides this service as well as protecting the individual signing the securities from fraudulent action.

Why do you need to know the value of the transaction for the Medallion Signature Guarantee?

Our surety bond limits the value of the transaction we are permitted to guarantee. If we guarantee an amount over our limit, you would not be adequately protected.

Why do you ask for additional documents when all I need is my signature guaranteed?

In addition to guaranteeing your signature, we are also validating:

  • You are the appropriate person to endorse the document.
  • You have the legal capacity to sign the document.
  • Therefore, we need documentation showing the owner(s) of the security. If you are acting on behalf of someone, we must have documentation showing your legal authority. 
I own the security jointly with someone who lives in another state. How can we guarantee both signatures?

You may sign a Specific Power of Attorney for multiple security owners. We will affix the Medallion Signature Guarantee on this document for you to then forward to your co-owner living in another state.

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